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Free Fire JAI (Hrithik Roshan) the agent of SWAT: Release date, skills and more

Garena added lots of new and interesting things, events that entertained players throughout August. One of the most interesting updates is the arrival of Free Fire’s new character, Garena Free Fire is a game that has a lot of character options that you can choose to use in matches.

Uniquely, some of these characters come from adaptations of real-life figures like-

  • Luqueta (Lucas Paqueta-Brazil) .
  • Jota (Indonesia) 
  • Alok (Brazil)

Now, it looks like they will be releasing new characters again! In fact, this character was adapted from a Bollywood artist!

The new Free Fire CHARACTER Named ‘JAI-The agent of SWAT’. he was trained and is characterized by working in a high-risk operation.

The character is inspired by the famous Bollywood artist in India named Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik was born into a family of artists in 1974 and was also voted one of the 3 most beautiful men in all of India.


When will the character JAI arrive on FREE FIRE

The character Jai is rumored to be present in the latest Free Fire OB24 update, whose official date has not been released by Garena.

Our Character JAI’s ability- Furious Reload

Jai has a special skill called Furious Reload, this skill will have a cooldown of about 1 minute. This special skill allows Jai to reload the ammo mag automatically when the weapon runs out of bullets [That is, at each kill, Jai will automatically reload the weapon, but not the full cartridge, this will depend on the character’s level.]

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This skill does not apply to weapons such as grenade launcher or crossbow but will work for other weapons. This skill is very useful, especially for sniper users.

When you fire a weapon like the KAR98 or AWM, you can skip one reload and shoot the second bullet straight away!

We think that this skill will be a very OP skill! What do you think?

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