Realme X2, Realme 2 and Realme C1 getting August and September 2020 Security update

In September, Are you waiting for the August 2020 security update? Because, Realme is rolling out the latest September 2020 security patch update for Realme X2, Realme 2, and Realme C1 device in India. And good thing is that you get updates of September as well as August 2020.

Realme X2 users get the latest Security update of the month September 2020 with new features- including Super nighttime standby, DC dimming, Deep Clean, OTG Switches, and much more.

In addition Realme 2 and Realme C1 devices are also receiving September 2020 security update along with August 2020 and it fixes the response issue when clicking Automatically Set Date & Time after setting time and optimizes the system performance and improved system stability.

The new update bumping on the build number RMX1992EX_11_C.12 for Realme X2 and RMX1805EX_11_A.70 for Realme 2 and C1. The company is pushing the update gradually, it may take a few days to reach your device.

Realme UI 2.0 release date, features, eligible devices and more

Update Log:

Realme X2

  • Security
    • Android Security Patch: August and September , 2020
  • realme Lab
    • Added Super nighttime standby feature
    • Added DC dimming feature:  Formerly known as Low-brightness flicker-free eye 
  • Applications
    • Added Soloop app
  • Settings
    • Added Deep cleanup feature in Process Manager
    • Added return button in the screenshot preview interface
    • Added long press to copy IMEI in the status information interface
    • Added automatic download option for app updates when connected to Wi-Fi
    • Added time display options for the status bar 
    • Added shortcuts at the bottom of Settings
    • Added Multi-user feature
    • Added Super Power Saving Mode
    • Added Icon Pull-down gesture feature in launcher settings
    • Added auto scroll feature in scrolling screenshot
    • Optimized the logic of connection in the WLAN setting interface
  • Status Bar
    • Added OTG Switch toggle to notification panel
    • Added independent Switch toggles of focus mode
    • Optimized viewing for system update prompt pop-up window
    • Optimized “Mute-Bell-Vibrate” icon state
    • Fixed the probabilistic notification fail to redirect issue 
  • Lock screen
    • Fixed font display issue of charging animation
    • Fixed the probabilistic flickering issue while waking the screen 
  • Camera
    • Fixed the probabilistic camera shake issue in some scenarios
  • System
    • Added the feature of long press the icon to uninstall the app in the drawer mode
    • Added sweeping effect for the icon of newly installed App
    • Fixed the probabilistic issue that icons are not displayed and cannot slide in some scenarios
    • Fixed the probabilistic lagging issue while calling up the recent apps

Realme 2 and Realme C1

  • Security
    • Android Security Patch: August and September , 2020
  • System
    • Optimized the system performance and improved system stability
  • Settings
    • Fixed the response issue when clicking Automatically Set Date & Time after setting time



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