PUBG Mobile is not banned in India- Only removed from Play Store and App Store

There is a lot of fake news which are continuously getting viral about PUBG Mobile Ban / Unban but here we have a fact behind it which is by mistake ignored by everyone one, the fact is PUBG Mobile is not Banned in India. actually, it is just removed from the Play Store and the App Store.

Here the usage of words is different, which changes their meaning. For reference to explain the difference between BAN and REMOVED, let’s take the example of Tiktok as we all know that both TikTok and Pubg Mobile were banned by the Indian government, but Tiktok ceased functioning within two days after being banned in India was gone, while PUBG Mobile is still working.

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PUBG Mobile has been around for nearly 3 years now, and always implemented many upgrades such as. New tech, new user experience, and new gameplay for a better experience of players. 

These Countries have Banned PUBG Mobile Game so far

PUBG Mobile the most played multiplayer mobile game worldwide, India has more than 50 million downloads and 40 million active users. But even after that, the Central Government has imposed a ban on PUBG. 

If it is Ban the question arises then Why is PUBG Mobile still working? And the answer is it is just REMOVED from stores not totally BANNED as TikTok.


This means the apps were unavailable at Google Play Store and on the App store. The game would not install even from APK if you didn’t previously have the game installed at any point, this is due to google not associating any new ID with the game.


This means it is still working, the primary reason being that the PUBG servers for India have not been shut down by the developers, they continued the servers to run and also recently announced that they are in talks with the government.

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