OPPO ColorOS 11 New Features Based On Android 11 Update

OPPO officially released its own custom UI, ColorOS 11 instead of the expected ColorOS 8 version which is based on Google’s new operation system Android 11. OPPO’s ColorOS one of the best UI of all over the smartphone industry and Realme UI inspired by ColorOS.

[Official] ColorOS 11 Beta Roadmap: These OPPO devices will receive Android 11 update

This new ColorOS version 11 is huge optimizations and tweaks as well. With this version, the OS feels more stock android finish. New features, animations are at another level. But the question is what are the new features of this new ColorOS 11?

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OPPO ColorOS 11 New Features

Customizable Always on Display

Introducing the new ColorOS11 Always-on Display feature, it offers a wide variety of styles and patterns to truly represent your style. The content of Always-on Display is not just automatically generated, but created by users with just one stroke to craft a unique pattern.

New Enhance Dark Mode

On ColorOS11, Dark Mode will provide 3 color schemes of pitch dark, blue dark, and gray dark, varying in darkness intensity. In addition, Dark Mode can be adjusted on the icons and wallpapers on the home page, which can match with the rising and setting of the sun.

New Default Font

OPPO’s ColorOS 11 brings the new OPPO Sans, so you can select different fonts for your UI and even adjust font size according to your own needs and preference. OPPO Sans is free for commercial use, so any designer or company can use it however they’d like!

New 3-finger translate Features

OPPO is combining 2 iconic features from OPPO and Google and developed the 3-finger translate, powered by Google Lens. Take a screenshot with the 3-finger gesture and instantly translate the content to any language. How would you use this feature? Share below!


To make multitasking easier, we released the Quick Return Bubble in ColorOS 7.2, and with OPPOColorOS11, we’re bringing FlexDrop. Swipe to resize the APP into a small floating window or an even smaller mini-window.


OPPO’s ColorOS allows you to change icons, use 3rd party icons, change the icons on Notification Panel, changing app layout, number of static, artistic, live wallpapers, edge lighting for calls and notifications, etc,. So, you can now enjoy seamlessly customized UI based on your interest.

New Security and Privacy:

A quick App Lock toggle is added to the notification panel. Using the toggle, you can quickly turn ON and OFF the app lock in your devices. So, no need of visiting settings, app lock to turn OFF or ON encryption for Apps, you can directly do the action with a single tap on the toggle available in the notification panel.

AI App Preloading:

Based on your daily activities and app usages, the system algorithm will automatically detect the most used apps by you and will help in loading those apps faster by pre-loading. For example, if you use any app the most, whenever you open that app, it will open directly by loading itself intelligently.

Fingerprint Gestures on Lock Screen

Also known as Quick Launch, by enabling this feature, you can quickly launch an app or a function. You will have up to 3 gestures in it. Press and hold the fingerprint scanner, a quick launch set will appear. Drag towards your required to open that required app. Quite useful for users who use a particular app most of the time.

Desktop Features

As said above, you can customize app icons, use 3rd party icons, filter the drawer mode as per your interest to quickly find a particular app. Apart from these, you can share apps directly by just holding them. You can also remove a folder of apps or combine one folder with another quickly by simple gestures.

Camera Features

It has included a bunch of useful features. Stickers are updated and can be used seamlessly. You can instantly share and edit photos or videos by just swiping up on the previews. A level grid feature is added to record videos easier. The inertial zoom function is added, which makes zooming smoother during any video shooting. Lens stain detection feature is added, where you can hold your device perfectly vertical while capturing something, by this detection feature. A special Movie Mode is added to shoot brilliant videos in your device.

WiFi and hotspots

A new feature is added so that users can connect to any WiFi network by scanning the QR code. Also, you will be given a QR code to quickly share your Hotspot or share the Wi-Fi networks. This helps in reducing the time to fill the passwords.

New Game Space Features

Every new in Game Space. The interface is completely changed now. Frequently played games will be accessed quickly by starting the app. An immersive mode is added to reduce the distractions while playing. Added a mis touch prevention, so that you won’t be exited from the game for unwanted touches. The game assistant is completely changed as you can see above.

Photo App editing tool

The photos app now supports multiple editing features. No need for any 3rd party editing tools for ColorOS users from now. I have already posted a brief article on the latest Photos app and its features.

Quick Recover system apps

Sometimes users face an issue where builtin apps like game space, theme store get deleted automatically. And they can’t be installed easily by all users. To overcome this issue, this feature is introduced. Now users can quickly recover uninstalled apps from this page.



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