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How to enable Personal Information Protection in Realme UI

If you’re looking to know about the latest Realme UI Features, Then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s you will find all the information about how to enable Personal Information Protection in Realme UI.

Here is Realme UI 2.0 eligible device list based on Android 11

What is Personal Information Protection?

Realme UI brings so many new features and now talks about the Realme UI security feature, it’s personal information protection and it is very useful and an important one. Once you have enabled this feature from the privacy settings it protects your personal information such as contacts, call history, messages, and calendar events with blank data, this means third party apps don’t receive any of your personal data, all your personal information is safe and you can still access those apps without any hiccups. Also if an app is hacked in the future your personal data is secure because all you sent was empty information.

How to enable Personal Information Protection in Realme smartphones

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Privacy/ Security.
  • Now, tap on Personal Information Protection.
  • Tap on Smart Protection Turn-On toggle to enable it.

You can also choose the application from which you have to protect your personal data leaked.

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