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Top Vivo OriginOS New Features: Check What’s new?

Today, Vivo officially released its new operating system-OriginOS special event in Shenzhen. The system adopts the design concept of “creating a new digital world, original design, and design as the original”, bringing a smoother, more convenient, and safer experience.

Vivo OriginOS New Features

  • Brand new UI interface
  • Photo Mode
  • Huarong Grid
  • Atomic Notification
  • Atomic Walkman
  • Parallel World
  • Atomic Component
  • Navigation Gestures
  • Super Card Pack
  • Behavior Icon
  • Sky Window
  • Time Window
  • Behaviour Wallpaper

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Photo Mode

The camera mode can also be opened with one button through the icon, instead of selecting after entering the camera.

Huarong Grid

Inspired by Huarong Road, OriginOS adopts a new desktop grid system-Huarong Grid, which fits the silver division rate and flexibly and freely displays the charm of every element of the desktop. Users can create a variety of imaginative layout combinations through each basic unit.

Atomic Notification

The atomic notification function of OriginOS stores and organizes the complicated mobile phone notification information. High-speed rail information, express delivery, taxi, and information notifications can all be stored in it. Atomic notification can automatically capture key information from it and push it in time, and it will disappear by itself at the right time. Do not disturb or miss in an elegant way.

Atomic Walkman

Although the Atomic Walkman is only the size of two icons, its unique interactive design makes it extremely friendly and simple to enjoy the sound.

Parallel World

OriginOS brings the parallel world function. If users are not familiar with the new interface, they can also use the regular Android interface.

Atomic Component

OriginOS organizes all the atomic components carefully and provides a variety of simple and convenient ways to retrieve them. In addition, dragging icons from the component library and placing them in the application interface can quickly generate small windows to meet multi-task operation scenarios.

Navigation Gestures

OriginOS’ brand-new navigation gesture function does not need to read complicated guides, and 26 navigation combinations can be completed by just clicking operations, almost covering mainstream operation methods. It not only meets the original usage habits but also provides a great imagination space for creating user-specific gesture combinations.

Super Card Pack

OriginOS Super Card Pack, whether in the off-screen state or anywhere on the desktop, the card pack can be called up with a single swipe. At the same time, the card package can customize the payment types that can be displayed.

Time Window

OriginOS time window, any wallpaper with different emotions, can be superimposed with time window. Put away the original wallpaper, integrate it into a new scene, and find an ingenious form to superimpose light and shadow on all wallpapers. Through the superposition of light, shadow, and time, feel the changes in time.

Behaviour Wallpaper

OriginOS behavior wallpaper condenses the blooming process of flowers into just a few seconds. Every step in life will become the driving force for the blooming of flowers. The scenery that is usually scattered in the rush of time becomes extraordinary and full of vitality. This is behavior. Wallpaper, a wonderful connection between the physical world and the digital world. Every step, in reality, is shown through performance wallpapers.

Sky Window

The OriginOS sky window brings real natural phenomena to the desktop. Here, various weather phenomena include the shape, size, and density of a cloud layer, which are simulated and drawn by sampling thousands of sceneries from different regions. Even the moving speed of the clouds will have different performances due to the magnitude of the wind.

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