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How to Turn the Punch-Hole Camera Into an LED Light Notifications

What if you did not have to check the phone to see the notification. Nowadays in this new generation of smartphones, all of you are facing the problem that whenever a notification received on your phone, you have to check manually otherwise you will not know that someone sends you a message and emails and other updates because of the full-screen, dot notch, etc display of your phone.

The mobile company is not giving the notification light on the phone that informs you about notifications by blinking different colors for different apps. But you did not have to worry about it like every problem has a solution. This problem also has solutions.

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Only you have to install one app from the play store of your phone. the Holey light app and your phone will also start notifying you about notifications of the different applications by blinking different colors. After reading this, many of you are thinking that in our phone LED light notification is not there then how? It will work. 

How the Holey light app will work?

Your Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco, Realme, OPPO, Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, punch-hole camera cut-outs will turn into LED light notifications, and whenever you will receive a notification. If your phone works on OS Android 11 then only you will be able to use this app.

You can follow the below steps to install this app and make easy your life like it was before with your previous smartphone with a led notification.

How to turn the Punch-Hole Into an LED Light Notifications

  1. Got to play store of your phone.
  2. Search the Holey light app
  3. Install and Open 
  4. Follow the instruction and allow permission.

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