OPPO’s ColorOS Based On Android Security Patch Update [OSRC Policy]

OPPO releases monthly, quarterly, and biannual firmware security updates on selected OPPO devices listed below.
And select devices launched in 2019 or later will be supported with firmware security updates for a minimum of two (2) years following their global launch.

Monthly, quarterly and biannual firmware security updates will include patches for Android OS-related security issues released by Google, as well as, patches for OPPO-specific security issues.

OPPO also releases security updates for system applications and smartphones as needed. And mobile application security updates are released through official Apps Market places including App Market or Google Play Store.

OPPO attaches great importance to the safety of its products and services. He will update the system security patches through OPPO Security Emergency Response Cente (OSRC) to ensure the security of information for each device and user. He will continue providing version maintenance of major flagship models, and vulnerability maintenance of public security is an important part of this.


OPPO stated that every 90 days, we send you security patch updates to ensure your information is private and your device is protected. We make effort toward meeting the Android standard so that with ColorOS, you can worry less!

The following flagship models will update the security patch version once a month:

  • Find X3 (PEDM00, PEDT00)
  • Find X3 Pro (PEEM00, CPH2173)
  • Find X2 Pro (PDEM30, CPH2025)
  • Find X2 (PDEM10, CPH2023)
  • Find X2 Neo (CPH2009)
  • Find X2 Lite (CPH2005)
  • Find X (CPH1871, CPH1875, PAFM00, PAHM00, PAFT00

These devices will get the security patch version each quarter at the latest:

  • Reno5 Lite (CPH2205)
  • Reno5 K 5G (PEGM10, PEGT10)
  • Reno5 F (CPH2217)
  • Reno5 Pro+ (PDRM00)
  • Reno5 Pro (PDSM00, PDST00, CPH2201)
  • Reno 5  (PEGM00, PEGT00, CPH2145)
  • Reno4 SE (PEAM00, PEAT00)
  • Reno4 Pro (PDNM00, PDNT00, CPH2089, CPH2109)
  • Reno 4 (PDPM00, PDPT00, CPH2091, CPH2113)
  • Reno4 Z (CPH2065)
  • Reno4 Lite (CPH2119, CPH2125)
  • Reno Ace2 (PDHM00)
  • Reno Ace (PCLM10)
  • Reno 3 Pro (PCRM00, CPH2035, CPH2036, CPH2037)
  • Reno 3 (PDCM00, CPH2043)
  • Reno 2F (CPH1989)
  • Reno 2Z (CPH1945, CPH1951, CPH1951RU, PCKM80)
  • Reno Z (PCDM10, PCDT10, CPH1979)
  • Reno 2 (PCKM00, CPH1907)
  • Reno 3A (CPH2013)
  • Reno A (CPH1983)
  • Reno 10xZoom (PCCM00, PCCT00, CPH1919)
  • Reno 5G (CPH1921)
  • Reno (PCAM00, PCAT00, CPH1917)
  • F19 Pro+ (CPH2213)
  • F19 Pro/Reno5 F (CPH2217)
  • F17 Pro (CPH2119)
  • F17 (CPH2095)
  • F15 (CPH2001)
  • F11 Pro (CPH1969, CPH1987)
  • F11 (CPH1911)
  • F9 (CPH1823, CPH1825, CPH1881)
  • F7 Youth (CPH1859)
  • F7 (CPH1819, CPH1821)
  • A15 (CPH2179, CPH2185)
  • A12 (CPH2077, CPH2083)
  • A94 (CPH2203)
  • A93 (PEHM00C, PH2121)
  • A92 (CPH2059)
  • A92s (PDKM00, PDKT00)
  • A91 (PCPM00, CPH2021)
  • A73 (CPH2095, CPH2161)
  • A72 (PDYM20, PDYT20, CPH2067)
  • A72n (PDYM10)
  • A53 (PECM30, PECT30, CPH2127, CPH2131, CPH2139)
  • A52 (PDAM10, PDAT10, CPH2061, CPH2069)
  • A9 2020 (CPH1937)
  • A5 2020 (CPH1931, CPH1933)
  • A11k (CPH2071, CPH2083)
  • A11 (PCHM10, CPH1941, CPH1943, CPH1931RU)
  • A11x (PCHM30)
  • A9x (PCEM00, PCET00)
  • A9 (PCAM10, PCAT10, CPH1938)
  • A8 (PDBM00)
  • A7x (PBBM00, PBBT00)
  • A7n (PCDM00, PCDT00)
  • A7 (PBFM00, PBFT00, CPH1901, CPH1905)
  • A1k (CPH1923, CPH1923RU)
  • AX7 (CPH1903)
  • AX7 Pro (CPH1893, CPH1893RU)
  • AX5 (CPH1851)
  • A5 (PBAM00, PBAT00)
  • A33 (CPH2137)
  • A32 (PDVM00)
  • A31 (CPH2015, CPH2073, CPH2081, CPH2031)
  • A3 (PADM00, PADT00, CPH1837)
  • K7x (PERM00)
  • K7 (PCLM50, PCRT01)
  • K5 (PCNM00)
  • K3 (PCGM00, CPH1955)
  • K1 (PBCM30)
  • RX17 Neo (CPH1893, CPH1893RU)
  • R17Pro (PBDM00, PBDT00, CPH1877)
  • R17 (PBEM00, PBET00, CPH1879)
  • R17 Neo (CPH1893, CPH1893RU)
  • R15x (PBCM10, PBCT10)
  • R15Pro (CPH1831)
  • R15 (PACM00, PACT00, CPH1835

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