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Realme UI: How to Silent the Realme Phone Quickly? [Alert Slider]

Realme UI gives full-stock Android feelings to users. Further, explore the comprehensive screen, show endless care in the subtleties, and achieve the beauty of simplicity in the brief. The icons are lighter, lighter in style, easier to interact with, and lighter in vision.

The technology beauty is hidden into life, giving users the most delicate and natural quality experience. Algorithm blessing gives you a better shooting experience. Take a shot, the best work is out.

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The operation is more sensitive and smoother. The mobile phone seconds change the game console, giving you a more intense immersion, faster, and more enjoyable gaming experience.

If you are using Realme UI and got the Realme smartphonethis post will help you get started in making the most of its customization feature. Here’s a quick guide on how to quickly silent your Realme phone like an alert slider key?

Realme UI: How to Silent the Realme Phone Quickly?
Every Realme phone has 3 buttons, two-volume, and a power button. If you’re not aware, you can easily silent your phone that allows you to instantly toggle between a mode on your phone. You can also tell the phone whether or not you want to silence any media playback when the phone is in Silent mode and if you want the phone to vibrate for incoming phone calls while in Ring mode.

  1. If you want to quickly silent your Realme phone.

  2. Just press the Power and Volume button at the same time.

  3. But you can only silent your phone of this button combination

  4. If you to back just pull down the notification panel and tap on the silent button

All of this is completely down without even turning on your screen, whether you’re in a movie theatre, on a date, at home, or literally anywhere!

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