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PUBG Mobile Season 19 Latest Ranked Rewards

In this article, We’ll show you the PUBG Mobile season 19 Latest Ranked Rewards. The developers are preparing rewards in the new Royale Pass.

The popularity of PUBG Mobile is growing every day. The game offers users an immersive Battle Royale experience, good graphics, and many different modes. In addition, every two months, the developers release an updated Royale Pass. New exciting tasks and rewards appear in the game.

PUBG Mobile Season 19 Ranked Rewards

  • Bronze: Bronze is the starting ranked league. Every new player in PUBG Mobile starts their journey with Bronze. This rank will reward you with 200 Silver Fragments.
  • Silver: The reward for reaching the Silver rank will be 400 silver fragments.
  • Gold: At the Gold rank, players will receive a bright futuristic costume and 600 silver fragments.
  • Platinum: Upon reaching the Platinum level, players will receive a mask that complements the costume from the Gold level. In addition, players will receive 800 silver fragments.
  • Diamond: One of the best rewards for PUBG Mobile Season 19 is the bright skin for the M249 machine gun. It will be received by everyone who was able to reach the rank of Diamond. Additionally, players will receive 1000 silver fragments.
  • Crown: Upon reaching the Crown level, players will receive three defensive rank cards. They help get rid of negative rank points if a player dies in the early stages of a match. Additional rewards for the Crown rank will be a Name Tag, an Epic Team Effect, and 1,300 Silver Fragments.
  • Ace: Ace is one of the most prestigious leagues in PUBG Mobile. Those who can reach this level will receive a bright skin for the parachute. It will be decorated with the inscription “S19”. In addition to the parachute, players will receive 1600 Silver Fragments, a Name Tag, and a Legendary Effect.
  • The Conqueror: The Conqueror is the most prestigious ranked league in the game. This title can only be obtained by the top 500 players on each server. The reward for reaching the Conqueror level will be the frame, name tag, and Conqueror title in Season 19. Players will also receive a mythic effect and 2000 silver fragments.

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