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How to use Payment 2.0 in Telegram

There is a new update for Telegram Messenger. This new update brings lots of new features for users.

Payments 2.0- merchants can create bots to send invoices to customers and It also allows merchants to receive payments made using credit cards without taking any commission fees. Credit card details will be directly sent to the payment provider, so transactions made using the app are safe. And Buyers can add a tip to their favorite artists, stores, or delivery partners. And for making it more user-friendly Telegram has also created a demo channel for users to test how this works.

The Telegram rival has also introduced two new web apps, webK, and webZ in this user will get such as dark mode, animated stickers, chat folders, and more.

How to use Payment 2.0 in Telegram

Scheduled Voice Chats- By this feature Group and channel, admins can set a particular time and date for audio conversations, along with reminders.

  • Tap Start Voice chat
  • Schedule Voice Chat
  • On iOS, tap the Voice Chat button
  • Select Schedule Voice Chat

Another important thing is the chat won’t start automatically when the countdown reaches zero, only when an admin presses the Start Now button

  • Users can create a mini profile also for voice chat, so users can easily change or view profile pictures and the bio without having to leave an audio chat.
  • The chat app is also improved now users expand and zoom into media directly from the chat without having to open it in the media viewer. In other words, Users can directly pinch to zoom the photos and videos.
  • iOS and Android users can now easily rewind or forward the video On Android devices, users can double-tap on the right of the screen to fast forward, and on the left to rewind. On iOS, press and hold ‘+’ to fast forward, or press and hold ‘-’ to rewind.
  • Now users can download the app directly from Website. An interesting thing is Apps installed from the website will automatically update to the latest version. The user won’t have to wait for updates to be reviewed by the store.
  • Last but not the least, Side menu animation gives the user a new experience and smoother to use.

Note: The latest Telegram update is currently available for iOS users and will soon reach Android devices, too. However, if you download the Android app via, you can access all the new features right away.


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