Realme UI: How to turn on the Identification of unknown numbers

Realme UI: How to turn on the Identification of unknown numbers. Nowadays we receive so many spam calls and sometimes fraud calls also. Everyone wants to know who is calling him. So many people use Truecaller for preventing spam and save themselves from fraud. Many of you don’t know that their smartphone also has the feature name Identification of unknown numbers or caller ID.

By this you can accurately identify unknown numbers in calls, call history, and messages online and mark them as fraud, harassment, etc. when disabled, unknown numbers can only be identified using a local phone number database.

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This is a widely used phone system feature that identifies an incoming caller by name and phone number. The feature isn’t perfect, But for the most part, caller ID is valuable in giving information. 

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Those who use realme phones and don’t know how to activate the Identification of unknown numbers, came to the right place in this article they will get full steps for enabling the feature.

How to turn on the Identification of unknown numbers in Realme

  1. Open the Phone Dialer App
  2. Tap in two dots on the top right corner and go to Settings
  3. Now go into Identification of unknown numbers
  4. After that, on your phone screen, you will see three options.
    1. Online identification of unknown numbers 
    2. Update using cellular
    3. Quick actions for calls from unknown 
  5. Enable all three options by tapping.

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