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ColorOS 11: How to instantly translate text using 3-finger in OPPO Smartphone

ColorOS 11: How to instantly translate text in OPPO Smartphone – OPPO’s ColorOS one of the best custom skins for smartphone users which are based on Google’s Android OS. It comes with several new features which make it different from the other OEMs. In 2019, Oppo unveiled ColorOS 7 based on Android 10, which is working in almost all Oppo devices.

ColorOS 7 came with amazing new features like icon customization, new AOD, and the best three-finger screenshot method. You can easily crop screenshots adding “three-finger long press” to perform area cropping operations, and “three-finger long press” + Three-point downward swipe screen “can take longer screenshots.

And as you know, the next version of ColorOS, ColorOS 11 has been launched, which is based on Android 11, it adds another new feature to the three-finger screenshot. Using Google translate, ColorOS11 can automatically translate the screenshot text for users’ convenience, thus combining 2 iconic features from OPPO and Google to develop the 3-finger translation. You can take a screenshot with the 3-finger gesture and instantly translate the content to any language:

How to use 3-Finger Instant Translation on ColorOS 11

  1. Three Finger Long press and swipe down
  2. Get a partial screenshot without leaving the three-finger
  3. Now tap on the “Translate” button from the bottom of the device

When reading documents and chatting with foreign friends, you can also use the Smart Sidebar to translate all contents on your phone screen. To translate the whole screen with just one swipe, check the below steps:

  • Slide Inward for the sidebar
  • Tap screen translate
  • Translation complete

You can also watch the video tutorial below:

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