BGMI: How to ride the Air Conveyor

How to ride The Air Conveyor- Battleground Mobile India recently released a new update to the game. In this, 1.5 update developers have done so many changes like changes to maps, weapons, and many more.

And one of the new features in BGMI is the air conveyor. In simple words, It is the air conveyor in BGMI is a launcher for the player shooting.

With the help of this gamers can quickly rotate the map and get to the location faster.  You can find Air Conveyor in BGMI in Ignition mode. It is a time-limited mode in Erangel map, with popular locations replaced with advanced centers and futuristic buildings.

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These air conveyors are cleverly distributed throughout the map for players to find like Technology Center, Near Repnoye, Primack, Security center, Kaminski, & last but not the least more stable Near the hospital.


In addition to the Air Conveyor, a new mission was added in the “RP Challenge” section where you would have to ride the Air Conveyor a total of 10 times which would result in “75 RP”

How To  ride The Air Conveyor:

  • First, of all, the player needs to walk in front of the machine.
  • There they will notice an option to enter it, and once they tap on it, users will be inside the conveyor belt.
  • Gamers can adjust the inclination and direction of the conveyor belt to reach their desired position.

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