Download the latest Soloop Video Editor App v1.42.1 & v1.40.0 update APK

Oppo’s ColorOS now pushing a brand new version update for Soloop Video editor app, the new update comes with version 1.42.1 for China and 1.40.0 Global, it is available to download in the App Market. The App is only available for Realme, OPPO & OnePlus devices.

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Soloop is a compact video editing application specially made for your Realme, OPPO, and OnePlus smartphones which allows you to create instant slideshows of photos and videos. You can also edit photos and videos manually and put your creativity into it with some cool transitions, awesome texts, super cool filters, and some amazing music.

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Download Soloop APK from below:

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For Global ROM

  • Soloop 1.40.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.39.0 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.37.3 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.38.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.37.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.36.1 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.36.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.35.2 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.35.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.33.4 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.34.0 APK (Beta) – Link
  • Soloop 1.33.3 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.32.1 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.31.1 APK – Link
  • Soloop 1.30.4 APK – Link

For Chinese ROM

  • Soloop 1.42.1 APK (Chinese ROM) – Link
  • Soloop 1.33.3 APK (Chinese ROM) – Link

Disclaimer For Chinese ROM – The above mention APK for Chinese users, May not work on Global ROM

This app is so simple to use and really very useful for those who want to create cool short videos for their social media handles or to create some delightful memories.

You can also update the Soloop app via APP Market…

  • Open “App Market” on your Realme or OPPO device
  • Click on your “Profile Icon (Me)” at the bottom
  • Tap on “App Updates”
  • Tap on “More updates”
  • Find Soloop app and tap on the update


  • Click on Search Box and type “Soloop”
  • Click on the first app and update it.

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