BGMI’s Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event

The BGMI event to be held on the occasion of Dussehra has started. This event will run till October 18, 2021. What rewards will you get in this event and what will you have to do to get the rewards.

What is Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event?

Here BGMI’s players have to collect the leaves and get the Dussehra Limited frame. Users can exchange the leaves with more rewards. You can find these updates on the leaf exchange center. The players will also get daily and weekly login rewards.

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How to get rewards in Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event?

Users have to collect cards in the game. Now you will think what will happen to the leaves? So instead of these cards, you will get rewards. You will also get all the further information in the Leaf Exchange Center of BGMI. Apart from this, you will get some rewards even after logging in every day.

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One of the most important things about this event is the Leaf Stunning Light. Here’s a way for users to get leaves. By using Stun Grenades you will have chances to collect cards. Just like in real life we ​​use firecrackers to celebrate Dussehra, in this BGMI you have to run your Stun Grenades to celebrate this festival. If you play it 5, 10, 20 times you will get 100, 150, 200 cards respectively.

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The great thing is that in exchange for these cards, you will get the UMP9 permanent skin in BGMI, which you will not have within any time limit, but you will always be able to use it.

Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event’s Reeards

  1. 5 leaves:- 1 Trill Ride BG Create
  2. 10 leaves:- 10 AUG
  3. 10 leaves:- 1 Classic Create Coupan Scrap
  4. 10 leaves:- 1 Supply Create Coupan Scrap
  5. 500 leaves:- The Skulls UPM 45
  6. 10 leaves:- Large Leaf avtar Frame

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