Flora Menace Mode in BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update Important Features

Krafton has announced officially released the BGMI 1.6 update and Tencent in PUBG Mobile. After witnessing the success of the 1.5 Ignition update, PUBG Mobile realized that the players love to see futuristic things and updates in the game. Read more BGMI’s Dussehra Leaf Exchange Event

Flora Menace Mode – BGMI/PUBG Mobile

In this player got the new Flora Menace mode. If you don’t know, Mission Ignition Mode is available in the current version of the game, version 1.6, and Flora Menace is also a Mission Ignition edition. Read more BGMI or PUBG Mobile account was stolen, What to do?

Rejuvenation Barrier:

First, there is a place called the Rejuvenation Barrier, where players use this place to regenerate HP or make your blood full again. Read more BGMI Lite Released Date, APK downloads, & Pre-registration

But keep in mind this place will not work when you are in a fighting position with an opponent and there are only 3 locations on the map that contain this place.

Cell Matrix Robot 

Then there is a place called Cell-Matrix Robot, where players will face sadistic robots in this place. If you manage to kill the robots you can get good loot. And just like the place in the Rejuvenation Barrier in the Cell Matrix Robot, it’s only in a different location. Read more BGMI or PUBG Mobile: New Bot Lobby Mode, Play, win, Chicken Dinner [VS AI]


You must often find 1 loot item called Nacore? So don’t throw it away or don’t take it. You must take the item or collect it because it can be used to buy the items you need when you don’t find the item on the map.

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