BGMI and PUBG Mobile Next Update Date

BGMI aka PUBG mobile is widely popular and one of the most played games in the world. It will soon receive an update of PUBG Mobile that will bring new features for the popular Battle Royale game. Many new features have already rolled out while some other features will be released within this month. Developers also announced the update with a new video explains updates and new modes in the game. 

PUBG NEW STATE Features Drones, Electric Cars, Weapons, Green Flare, and more

Recently, the Vikendi map was added on October 8. The runic Power mode is currently available for players, and they need to select three runes: Artic, Flame, and Wind at the spawn island. Before that, you need to know how to update PUBG Mobile.

How to Update PUBG Mobile in India?

For information, Major updates of the game will release once every two months. The last update 1.6 came back in the month of September.

So, we can expect another update in November. The news that is going around PUBG Mobile is that the release of update 1.7 should release the next royale pass. There are so many rumors about the season name, Some people are saying Season 24, and others are saying Season 20. 

PUBG New State latest APK and OBB Files Download Link – October 2021

One thing we can be sure of is that the game may release 1.7 patch notes, and new features within the game like weapons, and map changes, etc. We can expect the release in a couple of days before the previous Royale Pass ends.

PUBG Update October 2021

The game introduced the new version of the map Vikendi v2. However, the map locations are changed, and some locations were added with new weapons. You can see these changes within the latest update.

Previously, PUBG Mobile consists of five maps:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Karakin
  • Livik

Now the new one is added Vikendi map. Moreover, there are other modes to be added like Survive Till Dawn, Infection Mode, Payload 2.0, Titans: Last Stand, and more.

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BGMI and PUBG Mobile Next Update Date

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