BGMI or PUBG Mobile: Try New Bot Lobby Mode, Play, win, Chicken Dinner

BGMI or PUBG Mobile: New Bot Lobby Mode, Play, win, Chicken Dinner [VS AI] – Krafton and Tencent have released the 1.6 updates for BGMI and PUBG Mobile global users on respective app stores to download. As per the patch notes, the latest update has introduced a bunch of new Flora Menace modes and social features, along with a few experience improvements.

But in version 1.6 One of the most exciting modes of this update is the” VS AI” Mode. As the name suggests, the mode lets you take on fights with bots.

BGMI or PUBG Mobile Bot Lobby [VS AI]

The latest update introduced VS AI is a mode where the players fight in a lobby full of bots. This game mode has a separate slot to choose from. From the “modes” selection menu, players will be able to see a new option “VS AI” just below the other three modes that are Classic, Arena, and Arcade. Currently, you can only play ‘VS AI’ on the 2×2 map Livik. Players can pick between two levels of AIs: Easy and Normal. Read more When is BGMI Lite releasing in India?

For players unaware of bots, they are the computerized players who react late and follow a basic pattern while shooting towards a player. It is easy to identify bots as they will not loot the enemy’s crate after defeating them. However, the bots in VS AI mode are much intelligent, especially if you play the Normal mode as you’ll see bots using grenades.

Pro Bot in BGMI or PUBG Mobile

In the easy mode, bots have the same zero intelligence but a slightly better aim than the normal classic mode bots. And, they have a lot better aims and movements in Normal mode. In other words, normal mode is not that normal as it sounds.

VS AI Mode in Livik

When playing a classic match in livik map, while the player’s quantity is 52 including real-time and bots, But in this new VS AI mode, you have to face 96 players(BOT) except your squad it means the total number of players is 100. However, the mode is playable in TPP and FPP. Excluding your four-man squad, the rest 96 players are bots. Read more Pros/ Cons of Vertical, Angled Foregrip, Half Grip in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Why was this mode added in the Game?

The bots in this mode are great for practice as they have much better aim than the normal classic mode bots. If you want to have the best experience fighting the bots, pick normal AI as they have much better movements and decision-making. Easy mode is serviceable, but the bots have the same “zero intelligence” as normal classic bots.

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