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The Best Features of ColorOS 12 [Android 12]



OPPO officially announced the all-new ColorOS 12 operating system for its global users. Aiming to provide its users a seamless experience that’s closer to stock Android 12, ColorOS 12 introduces an all-new inclusive UI, smoother performance, and rich features that help boost your everyday productivity as well as help achieve better work-life balance.

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With this launch, OPPO officially rolls out ColorOS 12 public beta to its global users, becoming one of the first OEMs to run on Android 12. Coming firstly on Find X3 Pro in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, OPPO plans on expanding to more models covering more countries and regions in the coming months. Read more OPPO ColorOS 12: 3D icon, PC connect, Smart Sidebar, and more

ColorOS 12 Features Based on Android 12


Inclusive Design Language

Experience a truly adaptive system designed to work with 67 languages, because the smartest technology is global and made for all.

3D icons

ColorOS 12 pleases the eye with new translucent 3D app icons. Tasteful light and shadow elements combine to create depth and a feeling of space, for the sharpest-ever interface design.


Advanced face capture algorithm uses 77 facial feature points and 200+ stylistic elements to render a stylized reflection of you in real-time. With immense customization options, Omoji from ColorOS 12 looks and acts more like the real you.

Always-on Display 2.0

ColorOS 12’s Always-on Display 2.0 is now more customizable than ever. Create and place unique Omoji², text, patterns, colors and information with complete flexibility. The screen is your canvas.


PC Connect

Interaction between your phone and computer should be seamless. Introducing PC Connect—one brain across multiple screens for easy sync. Make your day-to-day fluid and flexible with shared notifications and clipboards. Want to edit your files and then move easily between devices? With PC Connect, it’s as simple and instant as drag-and-drop. Read more OPPO ColorOS 12: 3D icon, PC connect, Smart Sidebar, and more

Nearby Share

Nearby Share lets you quickly share Wi-Fi passwords with friends and trusted devices using only a single tap. Now generosity knows no limits.

Restore experience in Setup Wizard

Switching to a new device? Restore your wallpapers and personal settings in a matter of moments to keep your digital life looking and feeling familiar.

Convenient & Efficient

Smart Sidebar-Screen Translate

Smart Sidebar-Screen Translate, powered by Google Lens, translates from foreign languages into your own with just a tap, with up to 100 languages supported. It can even translate text in images. Italian street signs? Conquered.

Phone Manager

Phone Manager does smart things so you don’t have to, optimizing performance and clearing junk without interruption. Extend battery life and expand storage with just a tap.

Clone Phone 2.0

Clone Phone lets you frictionlessly migrate files, settings and data from your old phone to your new OPPO device. Connect phones and download apps with just one QR code, and receive transfer status and system overheating notifications while transferring data. Updates progress in real-time as your cherished photos, wallpapers and apps are moved across.

Air Gestures

Answer calls or scrolls through select apps with the wave of a hand. Air Gestures lets you control your phone at a distance, keeping your hands free while you’re multitasking or otherwise occupied.

Adaptive Sleep

ColorOS 12 uses facial recognition to detect when you’re viewing your phone screen, preventing it from dimming or going to sleep. No more manual refreshing.

Text Zoom

Double tap a message to open a new page displaying the text in larger font size. Your squinting days are over.

Bubble Animations

Bubble Animations allow you to instantly and intuitively switch between conversations without opening the messaging app on full-screen. Quickfire convos made easy.

Media Player

The redesigned Media Player is now even more straightforward to use. Well, you deserve it.

Custom Notification Changes

You can now customize your notifications to get a better grasp of what’s coming in. Categorize and collapse different notification streams by adding titles of your choosing.

Conversation Widgets

Conversation Widgets provide quick access to chats, so you can converse from the home screen without opening up an app.

Privacy & Security

Privacy Dashboard

Manage all permissions easily with a clear overview in the privacy dashboard. Finding an app too invasive, or want to give more access? ColorOS 12 puts you in the driver’s seat.

Approximate Location Sharing

Not every app needs to know your precise location. When an app requests location information, you can choose to share only your approximate location. Your data, your choice.

Microphone and Camera Indicators

Stay on top of your privacy as you navigate your digital life. ColorOS 12 gives you instant icon prompts whenever an app wants to engage camera or mic.

Microphone and Camera Toggles

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to your permissions. Disable any app’s camera or mic permissions with one swipe down the control center.

Presentation of Notifications

Some apps may request permissions in the notification bar—access only you can grant. Your data is yours to share, or not.

Anti-peeping for Notifications

Anti-peep technology uses AI to sense other faces watching your screen and hide notifications—an useful way of outsmarting your nosy neighbor on the subway.

Security Authentication for Privacy

The data on your phone is walled off by several layers of protection and encryption at all times. Whether it’s pictures, contacts or chat histories, your personal information is secured by industry-leading technology at every turn—complete with ePrivacy、ISO27001 certifications.

Safety & Emergency Settings

The SOS emergency contact function is quickly and easily accessible in the settings menu—for moments when every second matters.


Accessibility 2.0

ColorOS 12 goes further than other operating systems in syncing to your unique needs, with accessibility features including text magnification, on-demand text-to-voice, color enhancement⁸ and other accessibility features.

Smart Backlight

The phone light should soothe, not strain. ColorOS 12 lets you bask in optimal illumination—it adjusts brightness based on ambient light conditions, and intelligently syncs automatic light adjustments to your manual changes. Read more Android 12: OPPO devices will not receive the ColorOS 12 update

Basic Experience

One-tap Power Saving

Enjoy superheroics when the moment calls for it with one-tap battery power saving. Detect and disable the thirstiest apps to keep your phone active until its next charge.

Visualized Battery Dashboard

Stay on top of your power usage with the battery dashboard. This display gives you a visual overview of your phone’s power consumption, so you can time your next charge to perfection.

Power Consumption Notifications

Stay ahead of battery drain. ColorOS 12 will notify you when apps are wearing down power excessively, suggesting which to close to maximize battery life.

AI System Booster

By focusing CPU power on apps in use, AI System Booster ensures maximum system responsiveness at any one time, even as you move at speed between apps and tasks—for smoothest-ever performance from your OS. Release 30% more RAM System Aging Rate is only 2.75% after 36 months of usage

Quantum Animation Engine 3.0

With Quantum animation engine 3.0, enjoy hyper-smooth responsiveness-to-touch with screen interaction that virtually mirrors real-world physics. Every scroll, app or widget interaction is designed to feel as natural as possible.

RAM Expansion

Juggling apps and general phone usage? Keep your phone running at maximum efficiency by activating RAM Expansion at the first hint of slowdown. This will convert part of your free storage into RAM, prolonging peak performance. Read more Latest Google Camera 2021: GCam 7.6, GCam 7.4, GCam 8.3, and GCam 8.1 for Realme, OnePlus, Redmi, OPPO

Gaming & Sound

Rotation Lock

Designed for movement-heavy gameplay, rotation lock keeps your screen orientation fixed so you can game freely—without unintended screen swiveling.

Ultra Touch Response

During high-intensity gameplay, a split second can make all the difference. Activate ColorOS 12’s Pro Gamer Mode to enable Ultra Touch Response—giving you an edge in games like shooting games and MOBA games by increasing sampling rate and lowering touch response time. Fire away.

GPA 2.0

ColorOS 12 is engineered for no-compromise gaming performance. The General Performance Adaptor makes for a stable playing experience, regulating your phone’s workload to maximize frame rate, temperature and overall efficiency. Play to win.

Real HD Sound 3.0

Powered by Dirac, ColorOS 12 delivers richer and more immersive sound—wider sonic range, hyper-crisp audio performance and a more dynamic sound stage. Consume in crystalline HD whether you’re listening via Bluetooth, aux or your phone speakers, and enjoy tailored sound for different activities—gaming, watching films or streaming music.


Wallpaper-based Theming System

ColorOS 12 automatically detects your wallpaper’s dominant color, generating a complementary hue you can apply throughout your phone.

Soloop-Face Stickers

Go cartoon mode. Spice up your videos by adding movement-tracking stickers to faces.

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