PUBG 14.2 Patch notes preview: Features, updates, and more explained

PUBG Corp, the game’s developer, has released the patch notes for PUBG’s next version 14.2, which will be available for both PC and consoles in November. The PC patch will be available on November 3, while the PUBG console patch will be available on November 11.

New features and updates in PUBG 14.2


As per the official patch report:

"The patch will introduce new interactable feathery creatures to the Taego map: Chickens! While the Chickens are designed to amuse players even while they’re in the most intense battles, players must be careful when encountering them as they may give away their position to nearby enemies."

New Weapons in PUBG

Mortar: The new Taego map-exclusive weapon is simple to wield in combat, but it will take some practice to reach decent accuracy. Players must first determine the distance to the target as well as the projected travel path. Skilled players will be able to strike behind ridges where grenades cannot reach, as well as protect certain locations. Read more PUBG New State TDM Map Station: List of all features explained

M79 Smoke Grenade Launcher: The new M79 is a smoke grenade launcher designed to give fast smoke cover over larger distances. Players may use their abilities to blind their opponents, cover injured comrades, and make spectacular escapes from losing battles. Read more PUBG New State News: New outfits, in-game store, and more

DBNO Swimming

A new feature, DBNO (Down But Not Out) has also been introduced. The game will feature DBNO Swimming to boost player survival in the water. Previously, if a player engaged DBNO while in the water, he or she would skip DBNO and die instantly. This made any deep water a dangerous place to be. Instead, players will enter Swimming DBNO, a sluggish swimming condition that allows them to reach the beach and be revived by teammates. Read more PUBG 2: All you need to know – Release date, features, compatibility, and more

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UI/UX improvements in PUBG

With this update, the Krafton ID will appear in the PUBG lobby. A button will be added to the Profile Overview page to link the PUBG account with Krafton ID. With the update, the PUBG account can be linked directly with Krafton ID from the lobby.

Custom Match

Five new Taego areas have been added to the Team Deathmatch preset in Custom Matches.

  • Palace
  • Field
  • Market
  • Mountain
  • Shipyard

Along with the introduction to all these new features, the devs have also worked on bug fixing, UI issues, as well as QOL improvements. Players just need to wait for a week to see these implementations in the game that would make their gameplay even better and smoother.

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