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PUBG New State releases final look of Erangel and Station maps

PUBG New State is only 7 days away from the official launch

Players all over the world are already very hyped up regarding the launch of PUBG New State. Today, a while back, PUBG New State shared the final version look of the classic battle royale map Erangel aka Erangel 3.0 and a brand new exclusive 4v4 TDM map called the Station.

This article shares and explains every detail that was shown in the official YouTube video.

PUBG New State maps Erangel and Station were given a glimpse of in the latest YouTube video

A while ago, PUBG New State shared the final look of Erangel and Station maps. The video opens with a reminder ‘D-7’ implying and reminding the audience that only 7 days are left for the official launch of the game.

As the video resumes, we see a few glimpses of what Erangel New STate aka Erangel 3.0 would look like in 2051. The pics elaborately displayed what has changed in the new Erangel. As the narrator of the video states, after countless battle royales and constant desertion, Erangel was in ruins for a while. However, it has been totally revamped and reinforced for 2051.


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For example, the building all over Erangel is half-destroyed and the greenery has diminished to desert patches. Check out some of the exclusive pics below:

A brand new TDM (Team Deathmatch) map called ‘Station’ has also been launched which is exclusive to PUBG New State only. The map seems to be small and packed with several obstacles. This will escalate the intensity of the mode as players hide and counter-attack while raining down bullets on their opponents.

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The maximum game time of the map will be of 10 minutes within which players have to collect 40 kills. The first team to get 40 frags wins the match.

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As the launch day is approaching, fans are sure that the devs have more up their sleeves for Indians as well as fans all over the world, for, a very special collab video starring Mortal, ScoutOP, Mr. Faisu, and Raftaar is in the making.

PUBG New State official YouTube channel: Click here to visit.


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