PUBG Black Friday Double G-Coin event – Get 50% off on buying G-coins

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games available on PC and console and undoubtedly players grind the game a lot. Though PUBG’s unique gaming environment and immersive experience are enough to hold the attention of gamers, there is another perspective that adds to the whole competitive environment.

The in-game purchases make the game more interesting and emerging. The in-game purchases are done only via G-coins which are the in-game currency of PUBG. As always, this year also PUBG brought a heavily discounted store event for players.

In the Double G-coin event, players can buy 2 times the G-Coin at one times the price. This article lists all the details and prices that the developers shared.

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PUBG Black Friday Double G-Coin event – All you need to know

In the Black Friday event, for a limited time only, PUBG is giving away double the G-Coin of the purchase. 

Players can receive double the amount of G-Coin during the promotion period. The promotion applies to both PC and Consoles. For consoles, G-Coin will be provided in DLC containing double the amount. All items can only be purchased once.

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Here is the list of the purchase prices and G-coin bonus for both PC and Console:

  • PC (Steam and Kakao)
    • Purchase 500 G-Coin + 520 G-Coin Bonus = Total 1,020 G-Coin
    • Purchase 2,500 G-Coin + 2,900 G-Coin Bonus = Total 5,400 G-Coin
    • Purchase 5,000 G-Coin + 6,000 G-Coin Bonus = Total 11,000 G-Coin 
  • Console
    • Double G-Coin I (Purchase 500 G-Coin + 500 G-Coin Bonus = Total 1,000 G-Coin)
    • Double G-Coin II (Purchase 2,000 G-Coin + 2,600 G-Coin Bonus = Total 4,600 G-Coin)
    • Double G-Coin III (Purchase 5,000 G-Coin + 7,000 G-Coin Bonus = Total 12,000 G-Coin)

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The event starts on November 11 and will end on December 8, 2021.

Here are the event period details for different regions:

  • PC (Steam and Kakao) & Console
    • PST: November 10 2021, 8 AM – December 7 2021, 4 PM
    • CET: November 10 2021, 5 PM – December 8 2021, 1 AM
    • KST: November 11 2021, 1 AM – December 8 2021, 9 AM
  • Console
    • PST: November 10 2021, 8 PM – December 7 2021, 4 PM
    • CET: November 10 2021, 5 AM – December 8 2021, 1 AM
    • KST: November 11 2021, 1 PM – December 8 2021, 9 AM

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