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PUBG New State gameplay story mode, characters: Everything you need to know

PUBG New State is one of Krafton’s newest battle royale experiences. The game is a fresh take on the battle royale genre, making the PUBG experience unique. The “Near Future” concept of PUBG New State offers tons of opportunities for the developers to innovate.

Hence, as the devs also stated that PUBG New State is not only a ‘mobile game’ but more than that. The game has a background story and multiple faction characters that make it more exciting and engaging.

This article shares all the details that players need to know regarding the story mode and in-game characters before PUBG New State launches officially on November 11, 2021.

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In this article:

  • PUBG New State gameplay story mode
  • PUBG New State characters

PUBG New State gameplay story mode – “Fall of Troi”

PUBG New State’s classic battle royale map Troi directly signifies the city of Troy in Homer’s Iliad and all the historical events attached to it.

Just as the Greeks deceived the Trojans with the Trojan Horse gift and invaded the city, the people of PUBG Universe too let an anti-social association enter their universe, which led to massive destruction and apocalypse.

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As per the cinematic trailer of ‘Fall of Troi’ on PUBG New State’s YouTube channel, there are four character factions available in the game:

  • GLC (Great Lakes Coalition)
  • Mayhem
  • New State
  • Hunters
The Hunters

The Hunters are the most potent association that once tried to buy the city of Troi (New State) but now is taking revenge (as the people turned them down) by hunting down all other foes (GLC, Mayhem, and New State police).

The whole concept concentrates on the point where the Hunters were finally able to claim Troi and turn it into a battleground where hundreds of players land each day to fight others and become the lone survivor to claim the title of Champion.


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Check out the video below to know more:

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