PUBG New State Survivor Pass all details revealed and explained

As only one day is left in the release of PUBG New State, players can’t wait to try their hands out in the game. Players are excited as in their official YouTube channel, PUBG New State just dropped a brand new video where it explains the Survivor Pass, its missions, and theme.

This article will explain every detail about the video of the PUBG New State’s Survivor Pass that payers gonna have.

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PUBG New State Survivor Pass: Every details explained

Today at around 9:30 AM IST, PUBG New STate posted a new video on their YopuTube channel with the title, “D-1 (Survivor Pass)”. Hence, it is very clear that players are going to have Survivor Pass unlike the Royale Passes in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

There were a lot of anticipations and presumptions regarding the Survivor Pass of PUBG New State, all of which was cleared by the devs today in their YouTube video. Let us break down each and every segment of the video for a more detailed understanding of PUBG New State’s Survivor Pass.

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Features of PUBG New State’s Survivor Pass:

  • The Survivor Pass updates every month and completing daily, weekly and Story missions will give players SP points (Survivor Pass points) to increase their Pass level to obtain several rewards.
  • Each season features a different faction character from New State, where players can obtain their outfits for free with Survivor Pass.
    • GLC (Great Lake Coalition)
    • Mayhem
    • New State
    • Hunters
  • Three story missions will be available each week and completing these missions will significantly increase the player’s SP.
Story missions in PUBG New State
  • Story missions from Survivor Pass Vol. 1 features Sam Berry, New State’s main character.
  • Players can also obtain the featured character’s appearence as a reward for completing all 12 story missions.
  • Players can explore all featured characters in every new season.

Hence, we can say that the Survivor Pass of PUBG New State is quite different from the other Paid Passes of the PUBG Mobile variant. The Survivor Pass offers several stories in a weekly series like an RPG game where players can explore the battle royale theme in a much more engaging manner.

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