BGMI M5 Royale Pass update confirmed rewards and outfits

Players are always excited about the Royale Pass rewards and today, the internet saw the confirmed leaks of BGMI M5 Royale Pass. The M5 Royale Pass is going to commence from November 19, 2021. It will come along with the 1.7 update.

Players are already quite hyped up for the Arcane (League of Legends) collab. Hence, the Royale Pass will be an add-on for BGMI fans.

This article shares all the confirmed grand rewards of the BGMI M5 Royale Pass from 1-50 RP.

Note: The content of this article has been taken from the “ClassifiedYT” YouTube video.

BGMI M5 Royale Pass – 1 to 50 RP all confirmed rewards revealed

BGMI M5 Royale Pass will begin from November 19, 2021 7:30 AM IST and will end after four weeks. Here is the list of rewards and core theme of the forthcoming Royale Pass.

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M5 Royale Pass theme – Mirror Realm

As BGMI is collaborating with Arcane League of Legends, it is quite obvious that some of its attributes will appear in BGMI too. Hence, the core theme of BGMI M5 Royale Pass is going to be ‘Mirror Realm’.

1 to 50 all Royale Pass grand rewards revealed

Here is the list of all the RP grand rewards from 1 to 50 tiers:

  • RP level 1 – Lethal Creepster Set, Guardian skin (MK47 Mutant)
  • RP level 5 – Lethal Creepster Cover and Mask
  • RP level 10 – Hextech Crystal backpack
  • RP level 15 – Hextech ornament, RP Avatar, Strange Wave emote
  • RP level 20 – Crooked Flush (Machete)
  • RP level 25 – Polymath Outfit
  • RP level 30 – Unyielding land Finish (Aeroplane), Vanguard emote
  • RP level 35 – Ancient Statue (S686)
  • RP level 40 – Guardian (Kar98K)
  • RP level 50 – Vanguard Suit, Vanguard Cover

Players can get all these items if they complete their daily and weekly RP missions.

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BGMI M5 Royale Pass RP rewards can be claimed for free by collecting RP points

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