BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.7 update new pet companion, legendary skins revealed

PUBG Mobile as well as BGMI fans are all set to have the next 1.7 patch update. As the new update will bring in a horde of new features, gameplay modes, and special events, players are also excited to try out the new Royale Pass seasons.

The battle royale biggies are going to collaborate with the Arcane League of Legends video game in the next update. Hence, players can also see some exciting gameplay modes to try out.

This article shares some of the important information regarding a brand new pet companion in the upcoming update as well as some important Infos regarding legendary weapon skins in the next season.

BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.7 update – New pet, mythic outfits, and more

New pet Poro

As per Spartan Shubh’s video, a brand new pet called Poro will appear in the game soon. As no other pet in PUBG Mobile or BGMI has special powers, Poro will also not have any special skill set.

New pet Poro to launch in the next 1.7 update

Poro is actually a creature in the League of Legends video game and we can assume that the pet is a part of the collaboration event and will be available in the game temporarily. Players will also have a special exclusive emote with Poro. Read more

Hence, after the addition of Poro, PUBG Mobile and BGMI will have a total of 4 pets in the game including Falcon, Kong, and Godzilla. Read more BGMI 1.7 update patch notes officially released

BGMI M5 Royale Pass update confirmed rewards and outfits

New Hextech Scar-L skin

New Hextech upgradable Scar-L skin in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

A brand new upgradable Scar-L skin called the Hextech skin will also be launched in the game. However, players can only upgrade the skin via Hex crystals which will only be available in the Mirror World mode gameplay during the collaboration.

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The Hextech Scar-L skin is upgradable to level 7 and offers several benefits like Kill message, Kill effect and animation, Loot box skin, etc.

Other than the skins and the new pet several other introductions like the Avalanche X-suit and the Party Parcel upgradable M249 skin will also be up for grabs.

Though PUBG Mobile is receiving the next 1.7 update on November 16, 2021, BGMI will most probably receive its update on November 19, 2021.

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