PUBG New State Tips: For all settings and in-game controls – How to guide

PUBG New State is a boon for players who love playing PC games as it offers great graphics as well as amazing PC-like gameplay. However, there are several players who are still baffled with the all-new settings and horde of customizable control options.

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This article aims at simplifying all the settings and controls of PUBG New State so that players can be their best on the virtual battlefield.

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In-game settings of PUBG New State

Here is the list of settings, and the steps to make the changes in PUBG New State

How to change Profile details in PUBG New State

Players can change several profile details by following these steps:

  1. Click on the top left-hand corner of the screen where a small box of Player profile is present.
  2. Then tap on the settings icon below the profile. Players can change their avatars, frame, title, nameplate, season badge, flag etc, from there.
  3. Players cannot change the name from here as they need a Name Card to change their names.
  4. Players can also check their gameplay statistics by visiting the ‘Statistics’ section.

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To make all the necessary changes mentioned in the title above players must navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu present at the drop-down menu section at the right-hand corner of the screen. Then they must follow these steps:

How to change graphics (FPS) Settings

  • Open Settings Tap on three dots on top right corner
  • Tap on the Graphics tab and change the desired frame rate or graphic settings from there.
  • In Performance section you can change FPS – Low to Extreme
  • On Graphics you can choose Lite to Extreme

How to turn on Quick Scope Switch

  • Open PUBG New State ‘Settings’
  • Tap on ‘Gameplay’
  • Scroll down and find the ‘Scope Quickslot’
  • Tap to enable it

How to turn off TPP/FPP Switch Button

  • Open PUBG New State ‘Settings’
  • Tap on ‘Gameplay’
  • Scroll down and find the ‘TPP/FPP Switch Button’
  • Tap to disable it

How to turn on Peek Button

  • Open PUBG New State ‘Settings’
  • Go into ‘Controls’
  • Find the ‘Peek’
  • Now you can change – Tap, Long Press, and Swipe

How to turn on Auto switch scope with peeking

  • Open PUBG New State ‘Settings’
  • Go into ‘Controls’
  • Find the ‘Automatically Switch to Scope Mode when Peeking’
  • Tap to ‘Enable’ it

How to disable Shoulder Button

  • Open PUBG New State ‘Settings’
  • Go into ‘Controls’
  • Find the ‘Shoulder’
  • Tap on ‘None’ to disable it

How to disable Auto Shoulder Weapon

  • Open PUBG New State ‘Settings’
  • Go into ‘Controls’
  • Find the ‘Auto Shoulder Weapon’
  • Tap on ‘Disable’

How to turn on/off Aim Assist

  • Open PUBG New State ‘Settings’
  • Go into ‘Controls’
  • Scroll Down and find the ‘Aim Assist’
  • You can enable or disable the aim assist

PUBG New State gameplay, language, controls and sensitivity settings?

  • Tap on the Gameplay tab to make further gameplay changes.
    • Players can find the Scope quickshot and FPP/TPP switch button under the gameplay segment. They can enable or disable the settings from there.
    • Players can also use the ‘Heal widget instant use’ option to heal or boost immediately in the game.
  • Controls tab: Players can customize the layout and buttons in the Controls tab. They can edit as per their will and they can also take advantage of several options present in the controls tab. Here are the options:
    • Parkour – Combine Jump Button, Seperate buttons, Swipe jump button are options for parkouring. Players can use seperate buttons for parkour and jump which will be available in the Layout panel.
    • Peek -None, Tap, Long press, Swipe options are present for the players to choose from.
    • Roll – Players can double tap crouch button to roll. Or they can also use a seperate button to roll. It will be available in the Layout panel.
    • Shoulder Mode – In the Scope and Shoulder mode, players can combine tap and long press option for quicker reflexes on the ground.
    • Auto Shoulder weapon – Players can automatically shoulder the gun while firing when this mode is enabled.
    • Horizontal Camera Accleration – Camera moves according to the speed of the player’s swipe. It is recommended to keep it enabled.
    • Drag Controls – Keep all the drag controls enabled as it will help players to rotate the camera even when they are scoping, peeking or shouldering.
    • Auto Pull pins – When this is enabled, pins will be automatically pulled when holding the frag grenade in a throwing position for 2 seconds.
    • Firing Mode – There is also seperate firing modes for Sniper rifles and Shotguns. Players can tap or releasae the fire button to shoot. Enabling the Tap button is recommended.
    • Aim Assist – The Aim assist button is the most important option. Players must always enable it. Enabling this will help players to automatically adjust the crosshair towards the target within a certain crosshair radius.
  • Sensitivity – Players can easily change their sensitivity setting from the sensitivity tab.
    • The TPP or FPP Camera and ADS option is responsible for horizontal recoil control and the Fire option is responsible for the vertical recoil control. Adjust them as per suitability.
    • Players can also choose from options like Low, Medium High in the ‘sensitivity’ tab. They can also copy sensitivity settings of others by tapping on the ‘Load’ option. They can share the sensitivity by tapping on the ‘Share’ option.
  • Players can change the Server, link social media accounts and can contact the Customer Care support from the ‘Basics‘ tab.
  • Players can also change the in-game language and the Preferred language match settings from the ‘Language‘ tab.

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