PUBG New State: Top 5 tips and tricks to rank push quickly

PUBG New State is a highly competitive battle royale game that appeals to both casual and competitive players. Those who like to put their talents to the test and thrive under pressure would enjoy the more difficult rated game mode.

Such players strive to reach the conqueror tier, which can be difficult given the size of the player numbers and the level of competition required to advance. Gun skills and timing are not the only factors that influence a player’s chances of winning a game. This guide will help you quickly rank up in PUBG New State.

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Best 5 tips to rank push quickly in PUBG New State

1) Move while shooting

Because PUBG New State is a battle royale game, one of the most crucial factors influencing game-winning odds is the aim. It is simple to photograph when standing still, but it is critical to understand how to shoot while moving. Strafing throws the opponent’s aim off, giving the player an advantage in gunfights.

2) Play with teammates and communicate

It is also critical to have talented partners who can communicate effectively. Because the game stresses and rewards collaboration, communication is one of the most vital components of having teammates.

Another factor to consider when selecting a good partner is their playing style. It is critical to have a teammate whose playstyle is appropriate for the squad. In PUBG New State, some teams choose to play aggressively, while others prefer to play passively. Teammates should be picked depending on the players’ preferred style of play.

3) Avoid close-range fights

Players in PUBG New State should not engage with every squad they encounter. Because positioning is vital in the game, it is critical to select the appropriate battles.

It is best to engage in mid-range or long-range combat and watch the enemy’s reaction. This should allow the team to assess the opponent’s skill. Players can either push or rotate to a different area after examining their skill level.

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4) Use vehicles to rank push in PUBG New State

It is critical to rotate with a vehicle. The maps in PUBG New State are built in such a way that players are frequently forced to run in wide spaces. This makes them easy targets, and it is critical to have a vehicle for rotation in such scenarios to prevent remaining powerless.

5) Choose a safe landing spot

It is critical to select the best landing place. Loot, map position, and the number of teams that can compete as soon as one arrives is all considerations to consider while choosing a landing point. Choosing a safe landing spot will allow players to be safe during the first 2 Phases of the play zone, eventually elevating their match points to push rank in PUBG New State.

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