PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 2 start date revealed

PUBG New State’s next Survivor Pass i.e., Survivor Pass Vol. 2 is knocking at the door as there are only a few days left for the launch. The Volume 1 Survivor Pass is coming to an end and fans are anticipating much more grand and epic rewards in the next pass.

Survivor Pass or Royale Passes in PUBG Mobile are always special as it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the game. Gamers enjoy playing with different and unique skins and outfits as they upgrade their in-game credibility as a player. Hence, the Survivor Pass in PUBG New State can not be neglected at all.

This article shares the release date and start date of PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 2 and also shares some of the rewards that may come in the next Pass.

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When will PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 2 release?

As previously stated, the Survivor Pass Vol. 1 will end after two days i.e., on 8th December.

So as per the official PUBG Mobile variants, the RP stays locked for 24 hours after the date ends and a new Royale Pass begins from the next day. Hence, PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 2 will release on 9, December 2021 at 9:00 UTC (2:30 PM IST) as officially stated by the developers on their website.

The devs stated that:

Survivor Pass Vol. 2 begins on December 9! The main character of this Pass’s story is Bella of the Dream Runners Faction. Clear the story missions to collect all of Bella’s costumes!

– Team PUBG New State

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Players will surely have the same mission cycle of four weeks where they can complete both story missions as well as weekly missions to rank up the SP tiers.

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Reward leaks

Here are some of the reward leaks that may appear in PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 2:

  1. SP Level 1: Dystopian Sentry Firearm Scar-L
  2. SP Level 2: BP x200
  3. SP Level 3: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  4. SP Level 4: Chicken Medal x1
  5. SP Level 5: NC x50
  6. SP Level 6: Troi 150% BP Card x1
  7. SP Level 7: BP x450
  8. SP Level 8: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  9. SP Level 9: BP Random Box (S) x1
  10. SP Level 10: Dystopian Sentry Tactical Mask x1
  11. SP Level 11: Troi 150% BP Card x1
  12. SP Level 12: BP x680
  13. SP Level 13: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  14. SP Level 14: Chicken Medal x1
  15. SP Level 15: NC x100
  16. SP Level 16: Troi 150% BP Card x1
  17. SP Level 17: BP x900
  18. SP Level 18: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +1 x1
  19. SP Level 19: BP Random Box (S) x1
  20. SP Level 20: Dystopian Sentry Gloves x1
  21. SP Level 21: Erangel 150% BP Card x1
  22. SP Level 22: BP x1130
  23. SP Level 23: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  24. SP Level 24: Chicken Medal x1
  25. SP Level 25: NC x120
  26. SP Level 26: Troi 150% BP Card x1
  27. SP Level 27: BP x1350
  28. SP Level 28: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  29. SP Level 29: BP Random Box (M) x1
  30. SP Level 30: Dystopian Sentry Profile Icon x1
  31. SP Level 31: Troi 200% BP Card x1
  32. SP Level 32: BP x1580
  33. SP Level 33: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +2 x1
  34. SP Level 34: Chicken Medal x1
  35. SP Level 35: NC x180
  36. SP Level 36: Troi 200% BP Card x1
  37. SP Level 37: BP x1800
  38. SP Level 38: Profile Frame x1
  39. SP Level 39: BP Random Box (M) x1
  40. SP Level 40: Dystopian Sentry Tactical Shoes x1
  41. SP Level 41: Erangel 200% BP Card x1
  42. SP Level 42: BP x2000
  43. SP Level 43: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +3 x1
  44. SP Level 44: Chicken Medal x1
  45. SP Level 45: NC x300
  46. SP Level 46: Troi 200% BP Card x1
  47. SP Level 47: BP x2250
  48. SP Level 48: Chicken Medal Bonus Card +3 x1
  49. SP Level 49: BP Random Box (L) x1
  50. SP Level 50: Dystopian Sentry tactical outfit (Full set)

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Note: The leaked rewards are just mere speculations and they may or may not appear in the official version of the game.

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