3 Best tips to win BGMI Mirror World mode

The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 1.7 update added a new themed mode for BGMI players. The upgrade has come to the rescue of the gamers, promising a safer gaming experience as well as a more dependable security mechanism to keep hackers out of the mobile game.

Mirror World is the new themed mode that displays PUBG Mobile’s significant partnership with Arcane. Krafton Inc. developers have included a plethora of incentives based on Mirror World Mode.

The only three maps that have been redesigned based on the mode are Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik. Many users have found this mode to be fascinating and are attempting to win matches in the Mirror World. This article shares some of the best tips to win the Mirror World mode in BGMI.

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Here are the three best tips to win BGMI Mirror World mode and rank push easily

1) Always land on the Nimbus islands

Players should always try to drop on the Nimbus islands which are called the Piltover and Zaun island. These islands are the hot drops that give players an extra chance to gather more kills at the beginning of the game without getting killed during hot fights. Because the islands are brimming with loots, numerous squads have descended on it.

Gathering kill points will eventually help players to rank push easily. It will also help them to gain confidence and win the last zone fights easily.

2) Camp near the island portals

One of the most creative methods to win in Mirror World mode is to kill foes on their route to the Mirror World. When the countdown reaches zero, Mirror World appears, and players rush towards the portal in an attempt to change themselves into heroes.

A swarm of players rushes to the gateway, while the one protecting it from afar may easily pick up kills. This not only raises their total scores but also gives them fewer enemies and better loot in order to get a ‘Chicken Dinner.’

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3) Use the hex crystals and defense items wisely

In BGMI, the riot shields on the Mirror World map may come in help on way to an easy victory. When engaged in a conflict, a player can employ the riot shield to take shelter or heal as needed.

The blue gems (Hexcrystals) found in Mirror World are extremely important. When the players require supplies, such as ammo, medication, gear, or weapons, they can utilize blue crystals to call a supply drop.

Note: This article reflects the sole opinion of the writer. Reader’s opinion may vary.

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3 Best tips to win BGMI Mirror World mode

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