PUBG Mobile and BGMI brings the Device ban feature to strengthen anti-cheat measures

Hackers are the worst nightmares of any regular battle royale player. And BGMI and PUBG Mobile are apparently studded with cheaters. Hence, players were worn out of the unfair gameplay which compelled the developers to bring in stricter measures (Device ban feature in BGMI and PUBG Mobile) and strengthen the anti-cheat system.

As per the developers:

To provide you a more fair competitive environment, we have recently implemented device bans, one of the most community-requested features! Anyone who maliciously cheats to disrupt the balance of the game will face the strictest violation penalty in history.

– PUBG Mobile dev team

Hence, as per the developers, this is the strictest penalty measure that any game has ever taken. Which is true to some extent. As hackers used multiple accounts to cheat, now they have to use multiple devices to cheat which is not at all feasible for everyone.

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How does the Device ban system works in PUBG Mobile and BGMI?

If the game system detects that a player has cheated, the player’s device will be permanently banned, and it will no longer be possible to log in or create any new game accounts on that device. The system identifies and records the devices of users who deliberately cheat and continue to adversely affect the gaming environment, to increase the accuracy of combating behaviors that undermine game fairness.

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Once a device is identified as being used for malicious purposes, it will no longer be possible to log in or create any new game accounts on that device.

The devs have also mentioned that to prevent others from taking such actions, they will permanently ban all devices that are used to violate the rules, and this ban will be a permanent one.

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However, if a player’s account can be used normally, they can log into their account on another device. The developers also requested the players not to cheat in the future:

 “We ask you to maintain integrity, cherish your accounts, and have sportsmanlike conduct in the game.

– PUBG Mobile developer’s team

This is an incredible step that BGMI and PUBG Mobile are taking. If this system holds true to its promises then hackers will be a story of the past.

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