Top 5 features that BGMI Lite should have upon release

Fans of PUBG Mobile Lite, who used to play the game when it was not banned in India, are anxiously awaiting the release of BGMI Lite. Even though no information about the game’s release date has been verified, it is likely that it will be launched shortly. Hence, this article speculates some of the best features that should come in BGMI Lite.

The popularity of BGMI Lite comes mostly from the fact that Battlegrounds Mobile India is incompatible with low-end handsets. The game will be launched in late December 2021.

PUBG Mobile Lite features that should be added to BGMI Lite

Some of the features that PUBG Mobile Lite enthusiasts would want to see in BGMI Lite are as follows:

1) Compatibility of devices

It should go without saying that BGMI Lite should work with low-end devices. As a result, every participant desires that the lighter edition of Battlegrounds Mobile India include this major function. The game should ideally operate on a device with 1 GB of RAM.

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2) Size of the download

PUBG Mobile Lite has a much less download size than PUBG Mobile. Similarly, the file size of BGMI Lite should be significantly lower than that of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Because low-end gadget users frequently have storage issues, this will be a huge benefit to them.

3) The number of participants

In PUBG Mobile Lite, there are only 60 players. As a result, the matches are shorter and more thrilling. BGMI Lite should also provide battle royale encounters with fewer participants that last about 10 minutes.

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4) Maps and modes

Varenga is the most popular map in PUBG Mobile Lite, and it is much missed by battle royale aficionados. Both of the maps featured in the lighter edition of PUBG Mobile, Varenga, and Golden Woods, are expected to find their way into BGMI Lite. While the latter is based on Sanhok from PUBG Mobile, Varenga blends Erangel and Livik.

5) Graphics and gameplay that are realistic

The realistic gameplay of PUBG Mobile Lite is its distinguishing feature. Despite the low device requirements, gamers in the battle royale game may enjoy seamless gameplay with good graphics. Fans of BGMI Lite, understandably, expect the same from Krafton.

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