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BGMI Redeem Code Today: 27th December 2021 Battlegrounds Mobile India – Claim Now



BGMI Redeem Code 27th December 2021: Battlegrounds Mobile India – Claim Now: If you don’t know What is BGMI Redeem Code is? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. As we all know, BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India has a large variety of cosmetic skins, characters, weapon or vehicle skins, and other in-game items. To enjoy these special items, players have to spend UC (money) in exchange for the goods.

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Here is the interesting thing that Just like other online Mobile games, BGMI also has a redeem code system. BGMI Redeem codes are codes for Players who can’t afford to spend UCs to get the items or want the items for free in the game.

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And for those who cannot afford to cash out directly from their wallets, BGMI provides Redeem Codes as PUBG Mobile, it is one of the best ways to collect luxury & legendary items in BGMI for free.

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Redeem Codes are 12-digit alpha-numeric codes or character-based codes which provide a great opportunity for players to get exclusive skins and other free items in BGMI.

If you make a claim and fail to get a prize item, here are some possible reasons:

  • Redeem code is Invalid.
  • Redeem code has expired.
  • The redeem code has exceeded the quota limit.
  • You have claimed the redeem code before.
  • You entered the wrong data during the claim process.
  • You will not be able to redeem your rewards with guest accounts.

Please contact customer service if you encounter any issue.

Players must understand some facts before using the BGMI redeem code:

  • One player can only claim 1 redeem code once.
  • Each code has a time limit or expired date.
  • After making a claim, the redeem code cannot be cancelled.
  • Redeem only from the official BGMI Mobile site

What is BGMI Redeem Code?

BGMI Redeem Code is a combination of alphabets and numerals that can be used to buy exclusive and premium things in BGMI, such as Gun Skins, Costumes, Loot Crates, and other accessories at zero cost. The redemption codes are applicable only once and are valid for a limited period.

Check Here the latest Redeem Code:

BGMI Free UC 27th December 2021

  • LEVKIN1QPCZ- Racer Set (Gold)
  • ZADROT5QLHP- Stealth Brigade Set
  • ZADROT5QLHP – Stealth Brigade Set
  • SIWEST4YLXR- Assassin Suit and Assassin Bottom
  • JJCZCDZJ9U- Golden Pan
  • VETREL2IMHX- Bumble Bee Set
  • MIDASBUY-COM – Free rename card
  • VETREL2IMHX- Bumble Bee Set
  • TIFZBHZK4A- Legendary Outfit
  • BOBR3IBMT- Desert Ranger Set
  • GPHZDBTFZM24U- Gun Skin (UMP9)
  • KARZBZYTR- Skin (KAR98 Sniper)
  • SD14G84FCC- AKM Skin
  • RNUZBZ9QQ- Outfit
  • TQIZBZ76F- Motor Vehicle Skin
  • SD16Z66XHH- SCAR-L Gun Skin
  • R89FPLM9S- Free Companion
  • S78FTU2XJ- New Skin (M16A4)
  • PGHZDBTFZ95U- M416 Skin ( First 5000 users)
  • UKUZBZGWF- Free Fireworks
  • 5FG10D33- Falcon
  • 5FG10D33- Outfit
  • BMTCZBZMFS- Pretty in Pink set and Pretty in Pink Headpiece

BGMI Redeem Codes Today 27 December 2021

DKJU9GTDSM1000 Silver Fragments
EKJONARKJORedeem code for Unlimited M416 Gun Skins
TQIZBZ76FMotor Vehicle Skin
ZADROT5QLHPStealth Brigade Set
BBKTZEZET3Leo Set Legendary Outfit
TIFZBHZK4ALegendary Outfit
BBKRZBZBF9 Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
BBVNZBZ4M9Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity
DKJU5LMBPYFree Silver Fragments
MIDASBUYGet a free rename card & room card
BBKVZBZ6FW 2 Red Tea Popularity
BOBR3IBMTDesert Ranger Set
R89FPLM9SGet Free Companion
SIWEST4YLXRAssassin Suit/ Assassin Bottom
BMTCZBZMFSPretty in Pink set
Pretty in Pink Headpiece
  • TQIZBZ76F – Vehicle Skin
  • 5FG10D33 – Falcon and Free Emotes
  • KARZBZYTR – Free Outfit
  • JJCZCDZJ9U – Golden Pan
  • UKUZBZGWF – Free Fireworks 
  • TIFZBHZK4A – Free Outfit
  • RNUZBZ9QQ – AKM Glacier Skin 
  • PGHZDBTFZ95U – M416 Skin 
  • R89FPLM9S – Companion
  • BMTCZBZMFS – Pretty in Pink set and Pretty in Pink Headpiece
  • 5FG10D33 –  Outfit for Free
  • TQIZBz76F – 3 Free Motorcycle
  • BMTFZBZQNC – Free Drifter Set
  • SD14G84FCC – Free Skin for KAR98 Sniper Gun
  • RNUZBZ9QQ – AKM Glacier Skin

 How to Claim BGMI Redeem Code

  1. Step 1- Open the BGMI redeem code site. (
  2. Step 2-  Enter your BGMI Mobile ID number, redeem code, and verification code in the column provided. Then click the Redeem or Redeem button below.
  3. Step 3- A pop-up window will appear then fill the requested verification data. 
  4. Step 4- Open the mailbox in your BGMI game application. There you will get your prize

Don’t miss the redemption period!

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