BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 beta version latest download link, release date, and more

BGMI and PUBG MObile are two of the most popular mobile battle royale titles in the esports world, and their popularity has only grown since their first release. These games have massive fan bases, and fans are always delighted to get a sneak peek at the upgrades before the rest of the world. Read the full article to know more about the download link of BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 beta version.

The 1.7 version update is presently available in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, and gamers are eager to test the 1.8 improvements in beta, which will be available in January 2022.

This post provides a direct APK download link for the PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.8 beta version, as well as a summary of some of the new forthcoming features.

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BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 beta version latest download link and installation guide

The BGMI 1.8 version is now available for download, and by playing it, gamers may receive an exclusive sneak peek at the most recent version of BGMI. Players may preview all of the new planned features that will be included in the next generation of BGMI.

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Simply follow these steps to download the APK+OBB file.

In this beta, no invitation code or binding code is needed so that gamers can access it directly. Below is the download link for both of the files:

BGMI 1.8 beta version direct download link (APK+OBB): Click here to download

PUBG Mobile 1.8 beta version update direct download link (APK file): Click here to download

It is recommended that users have enough space on their smartphones before downloading these files, which are 680 MB in size.

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Step 1: As the first step, the players should choose the required APK file based on their devices and then download them through the link above.

Step 2: Next, after the files get downloaded, they can be installed. However, the “Install from Unknown Source” setting has to be enabled before it.

Step 3: They can open the game and choose between one of the two resource packs that the developers have offered:

  • Low-spec resource pack: 205.6MB
  • HD resource Pack: 368.8MB

Step 4: After completing all these, users can sign in via the “Guest” option. Upon doing so, individuals will be able to try out the BGMI 1.8 beta.

If users experience a parsing error during the installation of BGMI 1.8 beta, they must reload the APK file. If the problem persists, they can re-download the file and repeat the procedures mentioned above.

Features and leaks of BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 beta version

1) UI Changes

There may be several changes in the UI optimization as well. Players could see changes in the visualization, animation, and icon design in the upcoming 1.8 update.

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2) Anti-cheat update with stricter rules

A better and more secure anti-cheat update will be optimized in the game in the next update. The devs have already worked hard on the previous patch to ban hackers and hopefully, they will improve more to strengthen the security system of the game.

3) Vikendi renewed mode

Vikendi 2.0 is one of the most controversial features that players expect every time however, the devs haven’t provided us with the revamp yet. Vikendi 2.0 will be the remade version of the classic Vikendi map with multiple improvements made on its design, texture, and structure of the map. Read more BGMI and PUBG Mobile new Santorini 8X8 TDM map full details: Features, rules, and everything you need to know

Official release date: BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 update versions will officially release on 22 January 2022.

BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 beta version latest download link, release date, and more

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