PUBG 15.2 pre-release images of futuristic gears and upcoming features surfaces online: All you need to know

PUBG is about to go free-to-play within just a week. As players will be able to enjoy the free version on 12 January, the devs have also implemented several new futuristic gameplay features and updates through the 15.2 update patch.

The devs also declared that there will be a scheduled maintenance break to deliver the update. However, what’s interesting is that a few days ago, some of the popular data miners like Player IGN have revealed some of its Pre-release images of the upcoming features on his Twitter account.

This article shares all the leaked images of the features that surfaced on the internet within these few days.

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Pre-release images of upcoming 15.2 version features in PUBG

Before jumping into the leaks, let’s take a look at some of the important updates that will be featured in 15.2:

  • NEW Tactical Gears: • EMT Gear • Drone / Drone Tablet
  • Unannounced Tactical Gears: • Tactical Pack • Spotter Scope • Trauma Bag
  • Unannounced SMG: MP9

Other than these leaks, there are several other important features that will be added to the game after the 15.2 update:

  • Drone & Tablet – 300m radius | 35 HP
  • EMT Gear | spawns with 10 bandages | Heal allies
  • Slower DBNO bleed time
  • Win94 flip-scope
  • VSS canted-sight slot
  • New Mode: Tutorials & Training Mode update

You can read the full patch note update by clicking here: PUBG 15.2 official Patch Notes revealed: Full list of upcoming features explained

Here is what the leaked images look like from Player IGN’s official Twitter account:

The images shown here are all official images that players will be able to see after the release. Here we can see several extra features like the Trauma Bag and also the physical image of the Drone, which will be one of the most integral parts of futuristic gameplay.

Besides that, here are some of the EMT gear icons that the miner published on his account:

These images were officially available to the data-miners even before the patch notes came. Moreover, these images help players to get an abstract idea about how the game is going to be after 12 January.

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