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PUBG free-to-play servers are finally open as developers declare maintenance is over

PUBG free-to-play servers are now up and running

PUBG free-to-play servers or 15.2 update server is finally open as developers declare on social media that the patch update maintenance is completed earlier than expected.

Players were quite excited to try out the new game as the game also saw a huge surge of new users after it became free on Steam.

Users can now play PUBG for free as maintenance break is over

The 38-hour long wait for the maintenance update is finally over and players all over the world can now access PUBG for free on Steam. The maintenance patch started on 10 January and was finally over a few hours ago.


Although PUBG went free-to-play, the huge influx of users caused several issues in the in-game servers. As per one of the social media posts by the PUBG developers’ team, due to the escalation in the number of players trying out the new tutorial modes, there has been a delay in matchmaking in several regions. Hence, to seek a solution, the devs have temporarily disabled tutorial matchmaking for veterans.

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The free-to-play server is also up and running as the devs stated that the transition from ‘Paid’ to ‘Free’ version has also been completed.


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Along with the free-to-play service, PUBG also brought the 15.2 patch update which brought in a horde of exclusive and fresh in-game content for the players.

Some of the major updates in this patch include action queuing, tactical gear and drones update, training mode revamp, and more. Readers can check out the fully explained patch note update here: PUBG 15.2 official Patch Notes revealed: Full list of upcoming features explained

New Tactical drone feature in 15.2 patch update

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Along with the inclusion of fresh and new content, the devs have also worked on fixing bugs and bringing in significant changes to the UI. Hence, players can expect a better and enhanced gameplay experience from today onwards.

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