PUBG New State is now rebranding itself as New State Mobile

PUBG is a very big industry in the esports market with its very large gaming community as well as active player base. PUBG New State is one of its mobile game variants which also made it huge in a very short interval.

PUBG New State is one of the most recent products amongst all the PUBG Mobile variants and has already crossed over 40 million downloads on Google Play Store.

However, in a recent development, it has been seen that the game has rebranded itself to ‘New State Mobile’ from ‘PUBG New State’. There has been no official announcement of the rebranding, neither there has been any press release regarding any ownership exchange draft.

Hence, this article shares what are the most probable reasons that PUBG New State switched to a new brand name and logo even after gaining such huge traction within a short range of time.

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Why did PUBG New State rebrand itself?

Before discussing the probable reasons, readers can have a look at the new logo and name of New State Mobile.

The new logo of PUBG New State

The change in the logo and brand name is significant as the name of the parent company, i.e., PUBG has been excluded in the new name. Here are the reasons why that might have happened:

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1) The new logo appeals more to mobile gamers

The new logo which is called ‘New State Mobile’ appeals more to mobile gamers as previously, the brand name was PUBG New State and there was no ‘Mobile’ in it.

As we all know, that logo grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, it will drive more newcomers into this game who can easily understand and relate that the game is specially made for mobile, which was not the case for ‘PUBG New State’.

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2) Better logo design

Exclusion of the ‘PUBG’ word might not necessarily mean that PUBG New State is transferring the ownership to any other company. It might also be for a better and shorter logo design that catches the attention of the player.

For instance, we can take the example of BGMI, which stands for Battlegrounds Mobile India and also does not have the PUBG tag over it. Hence, we can conclude that PUBG New State is rebranded primarily for better design and gaining more attraction from players.

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PUBG New State is now rebranding itself as New State Mobile

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