List of all in-game features and changes in BGMI after 1.8 update

BGMI and PUBG Mobile has brought in the 1.8 update just a few days ago. It was one of the major in-game updates after the 1.7 version. The 1.8 update in BGMI also brought in several changes in the features, especially in the UI improvements.

The 1.8 update in BGMI is quite popular amongst players, mainly because of the Spiderman No Way Home mode in Erangel and in Livik. Just like the 1.7 update’s Mirror World mode.

This article shares a full list of changes and inclusion in various features after the BGMI 1.8 version update.

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BGMI 1.8 update: All changed and new features listed and explained

Before the launch of the 1.8 version, the developers have shared a detailed official patch note where they explained all the changes in the game. Here is the full list of changed and new features:

Changed FeaturesNew Features
Classic Update: Separated Matching

After the January Update, ranked matching and normal matching are separated. If players drop into ranked matchmaking, the season tier point is reflected as before, and if they play in normal matchmaking, the season tier point is not affected.
New UI

UI changes in the matchmaking segment with Ranked and Unranked mode being separated.
Classic Update: Changed Systems

New systems are applied to some ranked matching and normal matching. (Indication of modes in which the matching is allowed on the subtitle) First, supply stores appear across the map, and you can exchange looted coins with diverse items there. 
Theme Mode : Livik: Aftermath

Ziplines appear across Livik: Aftermath map. Use ziplines for fast movement across the map. Communication Tower in post-apocalyptic Livik allows players to revive fallen teammates. 
You can also deploy a large riot shield for tactical play.
Classic Update: Place Name and Automatic Parachuting
The in-map place name is displayed in three dimensions, and the auto-jump with ping becomes available. 
Aftermath map feature:

In the Aftermath mode, every firearm basically has scopes mounted on them. Recoils of every firearm are largely reduced.
If you hit the enemy with your ADS open, you’ll be able to see the distance to the enemy
Classic Update: Automatic Marking

Automatic marking which was possible only with tactical marking device item has been added. Because hit enemies are automatically marked, players playing in the squad will be able to find an enemy’s location more easily. 
Classic Update: In-Water Knock-Out
Now, the player is not finished even when knocked out in the water but is rather left in a swimmable state. 

Hopefully, this elaborate list of changes as well as new features in BGMI’s new 1.8 update will be extremely helpful to readers for their better understanding of the new gameplay mechanics.

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