The new Highlight Moments feature in BGMI and PUBG Mobile explained

BGMI and PUBG Mobile are two of the most successful battle royale titles in India. The games not only offer incredible graphics but also provide great gameplay performance for players. With the 1.8 update on board, the game has also brought in an exclusive feature called the ‘Highlight Moments’ which is hardly present in any other mobile battle royale game.

This article shares a detailed explanation of this highlight moments feature in PUBG Mobile and BGMI and how players can enable the option, share, and watch their highlights in-game.

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The Highlight Moments feature in BGMI and PUBG Mobile

The Highlight Moments option in BGMI and PUBG Mobile allows players to take a glimpse of their highlights from the match. This is a huge help to content creators and influencers as usually, they have to record their gameplays and then edit them out to make highlights.

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How to enable the Highlight Moments option?

This highlights feature will automatically take clips from the player’s gameplay and merge them into a single video for the players to watch and share. However, to get this option, players first have to enable it. Here are the steps on how players can enable this option:

Step 1: Run BGMI on the device and wait for the loading screen.

Step 2: Select the Up arrow icon present at the bottom right-hand corner of the mobile screen.

Step 3: A new menu will appear. From there select the ‘Settings’ option and then go to the ‘Advanced Features’ section.

Step 4: Then enable the ‘Highlight Moments’ option. Players can find the option by scrolling down the Advanced features section below.

After enabling this option, players can watch their gameplay highlights. Now lies the question, where will players watch the highlights?

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How to watch and share the Highlight Moments?

Players can watch and directly share their highlight moments after a match ends. They can find the highlight icon at the extreme top right-hand corner of the screen when the damage stats menu is shown after a match ends. Players can also watch and share the highlight of their matches later. Here is how they can do it:

Step 1: Go to the ‘Career Results’ tab. Players can go there by visiting their profile from the Profile icon present at the extreme top left-hand side corner of the screen.

Step 2: Then a small video icon will appear under each match history. Players can tap on that icon to watch or share their highlights over social media.

However, players should note that the highlights do not appear for each match. The highlights only appear for matches where the person ranks at least an A grade with three to four kills.

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The new Highlight Moments feature in BGMI and PUBG Mobile explained

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