MIUI 13 beta latest update include Dynamic theme support feature

Xiaomi released the MIUI 13 on December 28 brought several new changes over MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. In this article, We will explain the new features that Xiaomi introduce with MIUI 13. Read More Xiaomi releases MIUI System Launcher new update V4.26.3.4215(stable)

Xiaomi already has begun releasing the MIUI 13 stable update for some of its smartphones in China and is expected to roll out for more devices in the next few weeks. MIUI 13 first be released to all smartphones that will get Android 12 and for a few devices that run on Android 11 after the release. Although some devices will receive first and a few later.

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MIUI 13 will deliver 20–26 percent improved “fluency” for system apps and 15–52 percent improved “fluency” for third-party apps compared with MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition. The MIUI 13 also will include privacy and security upgrades as well as a dedicated feature called ‘Privacy Security Goalkeeper’. Read More MIUI 12.5 Tracker: List of Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco smartphones that should get Android 12 update

MIUI 13 New Features

Dynamic Theme Support

With MIUI 13 beta version 22.1.17, Xiaomi add the dynamic theme support feature of Android 12 which changes the theme colors based on the wallpaper. However, for now, we can’t change the colors of the system, settings, phone, messages for MIUI based applications.

Full Link Anti Fraud

Full Link Anti feature helps you stay away from telecom fraud and provides electronic fraud warning, official logo, and fraud application. It installs multiple interception and transmission security guards to stop telecom frauds from taking advantage of it.

December 26

Removal of Screen On Time and Weather Super Wallpaper

With MIUI 12.5 beta latest version 21.12.4, Xiaomi removed the screen on time information but this change is only available to devices that run on Android 12-based MIUI 12.5 builds. Users will need to use a third-party application of their choice to check screen on-time information.

Furthermore, the company has also removed the Weather Super Wallpaper, which was added with MIUI 12.5. It goes away even by installing or updating the latest version V3.0.1.0 of the MIUI Themes app.

Document Watermark and Mi Drive in File Manager

The MIUI camera app receives a watermark option while scanning documents. Using this feature, users can prevent theft of their important files from unauthorized copying.

Further, users can now directly access your files in Xiaomi Cloud and Mi Drive inside the MIUI file manager application itself.

Low Battery Level Reduced

Previously, MIUI would require at least 30% battery to update a system. But now this limit has reduced low battery level warnings in MIUI from 30% to 15%.

December 01

New MIUI 13 Launcher Animation

The latest animation shows when the launcher doesn’t load your icons. While this animation is showing, your icons start to appear on the main screen and show an animation rather than waiting on the idle screen.

November 28

New Gallery Icons

With the new MIUI Gallery, Xiaomi replaces the icons in the Sync with the Mi Account section. We will be able to see these changes in all systems with MIUI 13 update.

New Xiaomi Home UI

Xiaomi’s home interface has used the simpler design of MIUI 13 quite accurately. This change will apply not only to MIUI 13 but also to all Android smartphones that can be installed in Xiaomi Home.

November 25

Smart Toolbox

Previously, The videos toolbox features were only available for MIUI Video and TikTok., which allow opening applications as small windows, and now we can use them in device runs on MIUI 13.

Preserve Camera Settings

Previously, We selected the video setting on the camera, changed our lens, and opened and closed the app, this setting was reset. But with MIUI 13 this issue is solved, When we exit the camera app, whichever lens is selected, when we open it again, that setting remains the same.

App Vault Cargo Tracking Widget

The feature is available in MIUI 12 which allows tracking cargo from within the app vault but later it was removed from MIUI 12, will be added again with MIUI 13. These features will be exclusive for China users.

New Battery Tempature Indicator

The battery temperature indicator was added with MIUI 12.5 displayed the temperature of the battery in Celcius but now with MIUI 13, it displays three statuses as Cool, Normal, and Hot instead of Celcius.

Switching Between Beta and Stable Versions by Backing Up and Restoring Data

The features are automatically backed up and restored the data when you switch between MIUI Beta and Stable versions. However, in the previous version data were deleted when switching between MIUI Beta and Stable build.

Assistant Mascot

The features allow us to create our own character, which lets you feel the person you are talking to like a human, not a robot. This feature will be exclusive to China.

New MIUI Health UI & Features

The interface of the MIUI Health app has changed and the user experience has been improved with MIUI 13.

Gallery Chronological Scroll Bar

The feature adds with the MIUI Gallery app which helps that we can find the photo we are looking for faster.

New MIUI Themes Interface

Another feature that will come with MIUI 13 is the new themes app interface added MIUI 13 design language to the MIUI themes app.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 have these new features - Check here

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