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4 Ways To Tracking Lost Your Realme Smartphone

Nowadays the smartphone has become the first priority of people, so that they stay connected on social media, capture their happy moments on the mobile through photos and videos, which they can see later. Sometimes the phone can be lost or stolen, and a lot of personal information is at risk.

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How to track lost Realme Smartphone

If you have a Realme phone you can track it and lock it if it gets lost or stolen so your personal information stays safe. You can also remotely disable access or wipe all data from the lost Realme phone. Actually, there are several ways to track a lost Realme Smartphone.

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So how to do it, here is how to track a lost Realme smartphone which is proven to be helpful.

Track Realme Phone with Email Help

How to track a lost cellphone with email is an alternative that can be used. Email can not only be used to send messages and other files online. However, the existence of email is also one of the media to find a lost cellphone. There are several steps that need to be done, the explanation is as follows.

  • Enter the email account and password on the other device.
  • If you have, you can try to select the options menu or icon at the top right.
  • Next you can enter the Google account menu, continue to scroll the page to the bottom.
  • Select the Find your Phone option.
  • Next, a selection of cellphones that are lost from the Google system will appear.
  • Continue by selecting the Find menu.
  • It will automatically switch to Google Maps to find the lost device.

Track Realme Phone with the help of Google Maps

You can also use how to track a lost cellphone with Google Maps other than by email. Similar to the previous point, you also have to use several ways to find the smartphone. Here are some ways that can be used to track a lost cellphone with the help of Google Maps.

  • First, open the Google Maps app on another device.
  • Continue by selecting the settings menu and using the option for location.
  • Select the time used for tracking.
  • Continue by selecting the person option and entering the email account and password.
  • Next you can use the share option and tap the activate menu.Wait for a duration of 24 hours, then the location of your cellphone will be tracked automatically.

Track Realme Phone With Google Android Device Manager

Being one of the current internet search engines makes Google provide various kinds of interesting support. One of them is the support for the Android Device Manager or ADM application. However, this application can only be used when the smartphone you are looking for has activated GPS services. The following are some of the ways that can be used when using Google ADM services to find a lost smartphone.

  • Login to your Google ADM account with an active email and password. 
  • To do this step, you can use another device.
  • Next select the accept option.
  • Next you will see a cellphone with an email address connected to the email you entered earlier. 
  • Automatically the location of the cellphone will also be shown by Google ADM.

Track Realme phone via IMEI

Every legitimate cellphone will be provided with an IMEI number, a serial number from every cellphone sold in the market legally. Of course, after you buy the lost cellphone. We recommend that you record the IMEI number.

The point is to find the cellphone if it has been lost. So what are the methods that can be used when tracking the lost smartphone? Here is the explanation.

  • Contact the call center from the cellphone and provide an explanation if your cellphone has been lost.
  • Then you can give your cellphone number as well as the IMEI number to the call center.
  • Later the call center will provide an explanation of the existence of h pandas.
  • Those are some ways to track a lost realme cellphone. 
  • Choose the method that you think is the easiest and most convenient to use.

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