Spiderman web shooter locations in Erangle Map [BGMI and PUBG Mobile]

The 1.8 update has finally come in BGMI, bringing with it the game’s most popular mode, the Spider-Man mode. The mode is the outcome of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official partnership with the Spider-Man franchise to mark the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Continue reading to know the top 10 best locations for BGMI Spiderman web shooter. Read more Top 5 players and fraggers in BGMI in 2022

The mode, which is exclusively available in Erangel and Livik, allows players to live the life of Spider-Man. As a result, Krafton has put web-shooters across the levels for BGMI players to use and quickly climb heights. Read more BGMI and PUBG Mobile’s new self-revive kit feature in the 1.9 version explained

Top 10 best web shooter locations in Erangel’s Spiderman themed mode

The web shooters are actually a special device that helps players to swing across buildings and structures in Erangel and Livik. These web shooters are found across random areas on the Erangel map. Let us have a look at the best locations where players can find these across Erangel:

  1. Pochinki: Two-storey buildings in the middle of Pochinki
  2. The Novorepnoye garage on road
  3. Georgopool: The triple warehouse
  4. School: Apartment building staircases
  5. Rozhok: The three-storey building in the middle of the Rozhok city
  6. Gatka: The Red-coloured two-storey building at the entrance
  7. Sosnovka Military base: The C buildings. Players can find the lootbox in any one of them.
  8. The watercity Tower: Players can find the lootbox at the top of the tower.
  9. Inside the Shelter tunnels.
  10. Quarry: The warehouse in Quarry is a great spot to find the web shooters.

Readers can watch this video for a better understanding of the locations that have been discussed in this article.

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These are the top 10 locations where the chances of getting the Spiderman web shooters in BGMI and PUBG Mobile are high.

Disclaimer: The web shooters spawn randomly over the Erangle map and this list of locations might not hold true for every time in the same place.

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