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New State Mobile February update v0.9.24: Patch notes, release date, and more



The hype for the major February patch notes update of New State Mobile v0.9.24 is quite high as the devs are going to add a lot of fresh content to the game. Along with a new mode, the devs are going to do a lot of major bug fixations and improvements in the gameplay experience.

This article shares the detailed patch notes review of New State Mobile and explains all the new and upcoming features.

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New State Mobile February update v0.9.24 full patch notes

Here is the detailed list of patch notes for the upcoming February update in New State Mobile

1) New mode: Round Deathmatch Arena

The Round Deathmatch mode takes place in the newest mode Arena. It is a best of 7 4v4 deathmatch mode. As soon as the round begins the circle will start to shrink. The surviving team wins the round and the first team to win four rounds wins the match.

The reviving time has been reduced to five seconds in this match and players will also be able to get a wide variety of weapons, utilities and defense supplies from the begging of each round. There will also be a care package that will allow players to loot powerful weapons like AUG, Groza.

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2) Renewed Station Map

The TDM map called Station has been renewed. The width of the map has been increased. Various structures and general navigation have also been improved. The UI has also been enhanced. Dying three consecutive times in this map will offer players a level 3 helmet and vest. The loadout preset has also been made easier to set up.

3) Map updates and graphics fixations

To reduce eye fatigue, the devs have adjusted the exposure and color settings in Troi. Players can now spot enemies easily from far away.

4) New weapons

A new weapon called MP5K has been introduced in the game. It is an SMG that uses 9mm bullets. A new Crossbow weapon has also been added that will be available as a field drop and in the drone store in Troi and Erangel.

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5) New Feature: Unity

The Unity feature will allow players to revive their knocked teammates faster. Players can now revive a downed teammate with up to three allies. Depending on the number of allies the revive time can be reduced from 10 seconds to even 4 and 6 seconds. The reviving action can be passed on to other allies too, continuing the revive.

6) Other minor updates and fixations

  • Lowering vehicle collision damage, vehicle door health and health on several vehicles.
  • Players dropping with green flare gun now lands with the P191 Pistol and grenades.
  • Entering a moving vehicle is now easier.
  • Smokes have 10% more coverage than before.

Other than these updates, the devs have also worked on many other UI updates and Clan improvements which the players will be able to see upon New State Mobile’s v0.9.24 patch update release on 10 February 2022.

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