Realme System Applications – All Apps Download Link – Realme UI 3.0/2.0 [February 2022]

Realme has many Useful mobile applications for your devices and is recommended too. Realme System Applications are popular among users of smartphones based on Realme UI as well as ColorOS. Realme users interact with apps through a mobile device’s tactile, audio, and visual inputs and outputs.

Due to their small size and light energy consumption, Realme devices are portable tools and are finding uses out of the office. Here is the list of some useful system applications for your Realme mobile device. Which you can easily download and upgrade.

Realme System Applications

Realme Fit – New TechLife Fitness App

Realme Fit is a companion app for the smart bracelet TechLife Watch S100. It provides you with detailed and accurate exercise records and sleeps and exercise analysis. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle, more exciting waiting for you to experience.

Download Version

  1. Realme Fit – v1.0.9

Realme System Luancher

Here we are providing the latest Realme UI system launcher for Android 10 and Android 11 users, you can easily download and install it.

Download Version

  1. Realme UI System Launcher v12.0.50 Android 12
  2. Realme UI System Launcher V11.2.0.0 Android 11
  3. Realme UI System Launcher V11.2.0.0 Android 10

Theme Store

Customize your Realme smartphone with a theme. Each one comes with a thoughtfully designed set of wallpaper, icons, and details.

Download Version:

  1. Theme Store v8.5.0
  2. Theme Store v8.3.1 (Beta)
  3. Theme Store v8.3.0
  4. Theme Store v8.2.0
  5. Theme Store v8.1.5

App Market

You can access information about the applications registered at Realme App Market as well as at other Android application stores such as Google Play. Applications registered in Realme App Market can be downloaded and installed at the same time.

Download Version:

  1. App Market  v9.5.1
  2. App Market v9.4.0
  3. App Market v9.3.6

Game Space

Game Space is an application for Realme users that you think you don’t need until you have it, normally the games on the computer are all organized on the gaming platform itself or directly accessible in a folder.

Download Version:

  1. Game Space v6.14.0
  2. Game Space v6.12.2
  3. Game Space v6.12.2 (New Build)
  4. Game Space v6.10.3 (Android 11)
  5. Game Space v6.11.2 (Android 12)
  6. Game Space v6.10.3 (Android 12)
  7. Game Space v6.9.1 (Android 11)

Phone Manager

hone Manager or Security Center offers you four actions to protect your phone, including Clean Storage, Privacy Permissions, Virus Scan, and Payment Protection. In Realme UI and ColorOS 6 and above, there are added functions like Messenger Cleaner and Whatsapp cleaner.

Download Version:

  1. Phone Manager v12.6.0 (Android 12)
  2. Phone Manager v12.5.2 (Android 12)
  3. Phone Manager v12.5.0 (Android 11)


Soloop is a compact video editing application specially made for your Realme and OPPO smartphones which allows you to create instant slideshows of photos and videos. You can also edit photos and videos manually and put your creativity into it with some cool transitions, awesome texts, super cool filters, and some amazing music.

Download Version:

  1. Soloop v1.44.0
  2. Soloop v1.41.3 (Global)
  3. Soloop v1.42.1 (Global)
  4. Soloop v1.42.1 (China)
  5. Soloop v1.40.0 (Global)
  6. Soloop v1.38.0 (Global)
  7. Soloop v1.37.3 (Global)

Realme Link

The Realme Link app is the hub for connecting all your Realme IoT products with your smartphone. In short, Realme Link is an application that serves as an environment for Realme AIoT products.

Download Version:

  1. Realme Link v2.0.141.42
  2. Realme Link v2.0.72.30
  3. Realme Link v2.0.16.30

Realme Community

Realme Community is its official community forum, where you can ask questions and receive guidance about Realme devices; share your ideas and knowledge; learn the latest news and events about Realme, and simply feel part of an active and ever-growing family of tech-enthusiasts like you.

Download Version:

  1. Realme COmmunity v2.5.5.1
  2. Realme Community – v2.5.4

Realme Store

Realme Store is our official online store, where you can follow all Realme product news and get amazing Realme items first-hand! Here you can buy all Realme smartphones and accessories. 

Download Version:

  1. Realme Store v1.6.0


The Photos app is Realme and oppo’s default applications after installing the latest version of the Photos App on your Realme or Oppo device, you can see the new a new bar on the top which you allow to directly search, Videos, Favorite, People, and Location just one tap. The update also brings a new edit option.

Download Version:

  1. Photos v12.10.39 (Android 11)
  2. Photos v12.10.6 (Android 11)
  3. Photos v12.9.6 (Android 11)
  4. Photos v12.9.4 (Android 10)
  5. Photos v.12.5.5 (Android 12)
  6. Photos v12.5.2 (Android 11)

Contact App

The Contact app is the default dialer and contact app of Realme and oppo smartphones. The application gives a default call recording feature, call blocking as well a new UI design.

Download Version:

  1. Contact v5.5.0
  2. Contact App v4.4.45 (Android 11)
  3. Contact App v3.6.15 (Android 10)


The Messages app on your Realme phone can be used to send texts, photos, videos, and emojis. You can also mute or unmute conversations. It provides users with an easy way to send and receive messages comfortably and safely. If you have a Realme device, it should already appear on your smartphone as its official SMS and MMS client.

Download Version:

  1. Messages v7.130.0 (Android 10)
  2. Mesaages v7.20.20 (Android 11)

File manager

“File Manager” manages all the files on your smartphone, just like a file explorer on your computer.
You can also manage files stored on SD cards, USB drives, and files in the cloud storage connected with your smartphone at the same time.

Download Version:

  1. File Manager v12.2.12 (Android 11)
  2. File Manager (My Files) v12.2.20 (Android 11)
  3. File Manager v8.2.24 (Android 10)


Realme Camera is the pre-installed camera that all Realme smartphones use to take pictures. You can take a picture in a matter of seconds to immortalize any moment of your life with the click of a button.

Download Version:

  1. Camera v3.101.274
  2. Camera v3.302.56 (Android 11)
  3. Camera v3.302.54 (Android 11)
  4. Camera v3.101.212 (Android 9)
  5. Camera v3.2.21 (Android 10)


DocVault App is used to manage your paper documents in a digital way. It helps you to scan your documents into your smartphone and add the related information like ID, Document Type, Issue Date, Expiry Date (if it has expiry) for your document(s).

Download Version:

  1. DocVault v1.0.18
  2. DocVault v1.0.17


Realme Internet Browser is a mobile web browser for smartphones and tablets developed by OPPO’s ColorOS. It is based on the open-source Chromium project. It is pre-installed on Realme and OPPO devices.

Download Version:

  1. Browser v45.8.3.1
  2. Browser v45.8.2.9
  3. Browser v45.8.1.1


With the help of the Realme weather app can get an idea of the upcoming forecast for your current location with just a glance, seeing not only today’s weather but the entire week’s. You can also set up a widget on your screen so you check this information without needing to open any app.

Download Version:

  1. Weather v12.2.14
  2. Weather v12.2.9 (Android 11)
  3. Weather v12.2.6 (Android 11)
  4. Weather v7.0.34 (Android 10)


Realme Clock is an alarm clock that Realme and Oppo devices come installed with by default. It’s the main tool to check the date and time on your smartphone, whether through the widget or by opening the app.

Download Version:

  1. Clock v12.0.48 (Android 11)
  2. Clock App v12.0.38 (Android 11)
  3. Clock v8.1.11

Sleep Capsule

Sleep Capsule feature allows us to use only the limited number of apps only which we are selected to use in the limited time when it is active there is no way to use other apps other than the selected apps. So it will keep us away from the addictive apps in this way it will help us to restrict the phone use and will give better rest. And also many of them use the phone just before sleeping but those apps kill our sleeping time for those this feature will help to keep away from them.

Download Version:

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Note: The application we are providing is extracted from Realme or OPPO phones. If it is not installed on your mobile phone then we are not responsible for it. And if there is any damage to your phone after installing then you will be responsible for it yourself.

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Realme System Applications – All Apps Download Link – Realme UI 3.0/2.0 [February 2022]


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