Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple, and others are collaborating to solve browser compatibility issues

The leading software firms that create the primary web browsers (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Bocoup, and Igalia), as well as other allies, have stated that they have – for the first time ever – come together to increase compatibility and therefore make things considerably simpler for Web Developers.

This is all part of the new Interop 2022 standard, which intends to “enhance the experience of producing for the web in 15 important areas.”

The collaboration aims at making the browser more reliable and user-friendly for developers

This initiative began in 2019 when these firms set out to identify developers’ problems with browser compatibility issues and to determine how changes and new technologies may be incorporated in the same manner.

As a consequence, this new benchmark generates a shared dashboard that will measure progress in the main areas agreed upon with the developers’ involvement. These major areas include, among others, cascade layers, CSS color functions, viewport units, and browser scrolling. They will also concentrate on the four main browsers involved: Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

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The concept is that for each of these categories, each browser is tested against a series of tests throughout the year and given a score based on how it has implemented it. This will allow them to work on how to effectively execute them in a manner that benefits everyone.

In essence, the goal is to make the web platform more usable and reliable for developers, so that they can spend more time building great web experiences instead of working around browser inconsistencies.

– Interop 2022 announcement

It became clear during the Compat 2021 initiative last year that there is still potential for improvement, so it is really positive that these key actors can join together and collaborate on a solution. This initiative, perhaps, will lessen difficulties in the web-dev community and result in a better experience for us, the users.


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