Spotify collaborates with OnePlus Shelf to improve music listening experience

OnePlus began working with Spotify in 2021 to completely integrate with the OxygenOS in order to improve user experience listening to music and podcasts on our devices. Since then, OnePlus has  been working on improving Shelf and imagining it working perfectly with the user’s favourite applications to improve their experience and control over those everyday apps.

A day back, OnePlus announced that Shelf has a new card in-built for Spotify which is almost everyone’s favourite music and podcast app.

New Spotify integration with OnePlus Shelf improves the overall user experience to a great extent, arriving with OxygenOS 12 update

The OnePlus Shelf is a feature to quickly use many easy-to-use apps, such as Notes, Toolbox, Step Counter, and recent contacts – all available from the phone’s launcher’s screen.

OnePlus revealed that Shelf now includes a Spotify card – everyone’s favourite music and podcast app. This card connects to the Spotify app, allowing you to soundtrack your life with your favourite Spotify recommendations just a tap away. While listening to a song, you may ‘heart’ it to easily add it to your Spotify Liked Songs playlists.

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This new upgrade will soon be available for your mobile devices as an OxygenOS 12 update. However, for those who can’t wait to test out this new feature, they can join the Shelf beta programme on Google Play right now. Mentioning these features of these new enhancement, Kireeti Verma, one of the OnePlus member, shared:

“This integration with Spotify is one of many exciting features and experiences, we are looking forward to bringing more exciting features to our community in the future.”

– Kireeti Verma

This new addition with the OxygenOS 12 update will surely help OnePlus users to upscale and improve their overall listening experience. Though the launch date of this feature has not been announced it, OnePlus users will surely look forward for this Spotify and Shelf collaboration.

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