All new features of ColorOS 12: Omoji, Smart Sidebar 2.0, Quick Glance, and more

ColorOS 12 brings an unburdened tacit experience with smart technology. New design, comfortable noise reduction; The whole scene is integrated, free and free; guarded with all feelings, peace of mind.

According to the official statement, ColorOS 12 advocates authenticity and noise reduction in design. The new acrylic icon has just the right light and shadow details and light style, and the level is richer and more suitable for the real texture; at the same time, the white space is processed and the text contrast is improved. The distinction between light and dark colors redefines information density, making information acquisition faster and more comfortable in the long run.

ColorOS 12 Features

In addition, ColorOS 12 brings a newly designed quick view card, which can display relevant key information in the card window in real-time, such as express delivery progress, application usage time, IoT device status, etc. Currently, 44 types of cards are provided.

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1. Acrylic Icon

The brand-new acrylic sheet style creates a near-future visual language that combines virtual and real, with just the right light and shadow and details, with richer details and layering.

2. Quick Glance

Present the information you care about in the form of cards1, Simple and clear, with the one-key direct operation, you can freely arrange cards of different sizes on the negative screen and the main screen, as you like.

3. Noise Reduction Design

Redefine the interface framework, reduce the information density, distinguish primary and secondary information by color, so that users can focus more on the core content and let you browse the page content comfortably.

In the era of large-screen mobile phones, how to facilitate the operation of the system is also something that manufacturers consider, and this time ColorOS 12 brings multi-tasking to suspend windows by sliding up, single-click to switch small windows, double-click to switch full screen, and sliding to hide At the edge of the screen, you can adjust the size by dragging the corners, and you can operate it smoothly with one hand, giving you a small window experience in one go.

4. Omoji Avatar

The new system also brings the digital world virtual image Omoji, which is based on a quantum animation engine to precisely control muscle movement, making expressions richer and more natural; multiple styles, multiple customization details, allowing users to define themselves.

Omoji can not only provide you with daily image style, but also unique ghost horse and national tide style elements. The automatic recognition of facial expressions allows you to create personalized avatars.

5. PC Connect

The rapid collaboration between dual screens opens a new era of technology office. PC manages and edits mobile phone files, which doubles productivity. Support mainstream PC brands in the market, So that everyone can experience the beauty of technology.

The new ColorOS 12 adds a cross-screen interconnection function. After the phone and the computer are connected, the computer can control the phone. In addition to the extremely fast mutual transmission of up to 45M/S, you can also directly edit the documents received by phone on the computer. Not only that, but cross-screen interconnection is also compatible with 80% of mainstream Windows PC models sold in the past three years.

6. Smart Sidebar 2.0

ColorOS 12 also provides a new sidebar, which can intelligently match the corresponding functions according to different usage scenarios, understand what you need, help you compare prices when shopping, help you recognize music when listening to music and watch foreign language videos to help you turn on real-time subtitle translation.

Added scene recognition capabilities, when you are participating in video conferences, watching the news, watching videos, or shopping. intelligently recommend the gadgets you need most at the moment.

7. Car+

Car+ Car Union Extends mobile phone applications and services to the car and easily shares navigation, call, audio, and video entertainment, and other operations. Half of the music is heard on the mobile phone and then listened to in the car. It also supports voice control to create a smart travel experience.

8. Share Atles

In addition, ColorOS 12 is limited to 9 pictures for WeChat picture sharing. ColorOS 12 brings shared atlas. Just load the selected pictures into the shared atlas, and you can quickly share them with family and friends through the WeChat applet.

9. Others

ColorOS 12 further enhances the smooth experience. The new AI self-smooth engine effectively reduces the generation of fragments by processing the hot and cold data separately. After OPPO laboratory testing, the phone’s read and write performance attenuation is less than 5% when it simulates continuous use for 36 months, The overall comprehensive aging rate is only 2.75%.

10. Privacy & Security

Even if you lose your phone, you can turn on the lock mode through the cloud, prohibit the shutdown behavior, and automatically turn off the USB debugging and NFC functions. Prevent the mobile phone from being violently flashed, and protect data security.

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