Android 13 adds a new API that will let you operate smart home controls without unlocking your smartphone

Based only on the developer previews we’ve seen thus far, Android 13 appears to be a year of improvement, with Google working to smooth out some of the rougher edges that came with last year’s significant revamp.

It’s also attempting to alleviate some of the annoyances we’ve all experienced with our devices. If you’re weary of having to unlock your handset in order to operate your smart home devices, Android 13 is the best update for you.

Android 13 brings in a new API that makes operating smart home gadgets more convenient

According to Mishaal Rahman of, Google’s upcoming OS release will finally allow users to access the built-in smart home controls without having to enter a PIN, password, or even use a fingerprint sensor.

We’ve previously expressed our displeasure with the requirement, which adds seconds to an operation as basic as turning on or off a light. And AP’s team of Android aficionados are far from the only ones who find this experience vexing.

Controlling your devices without unlocking your smartphone will be possible thanks to a new API included in Android 13. Rahman discovered a new isAuthRequired function for Control classes that determines if a certain Device Control may be used without requiring an unlock.

This API would be sufficient to allow Android’s built-in smart controls to work without the need for unlocking, but Rahman went out to Joo Dias, the developer of Tasker, to put it to the test. He whipped together a sample of how the functionality would operate with app support, and it appears to be precisely what we’ve been asking for since Android 11.

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This function is done on an app-by-app basis, so don’t expect every piece of software to adopt it. It also limits users from being able to pick what does and doesn’t work without an unlock.

Instead, you’re totally reliant on devs to allow smart light control and disallow security cameras or smart locks. Still, it’s a major step in the right direction and should make controlling your home a whole lot easier.

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