Google Chrome users now need Google Lens to perform reverse image search

For quite some time, Google has been experimenting with the best ways to use Lens. It was initially exclusively available on mobile devices. Then it was quietly included in Chrome, and several users recently discovered a fully search-integrated test version on a desktop browser when using Incognito Mode.

Another notable change, according to GHacks, is that Lens is now the sole reverse image search option when you right-click on a photo in Chrome.

Google Search on Desktop is now integrating Lens for reverse image search

If you’re using a recent version of Chrome, you should be able to just right-click on photographs and select “use Google Lens.” That’s it. Users may still obtain extensions that facilitate reverse image searches using the original feature.

Users may visit the Google Lens link instead now that reverse image searching is no longer available. Google Lens is not a reverse image search tool; rather, it is intended to offer users context and pertinent information. The lens website highlights visual matches and connects to pages with comparable photos. The results are restricted, and links direct you to Google Photos to see a complete list of similar images and sites with that content.

In Chrome, there is no longer an option to restore the original reverse image search feature. As recommended by Chrome users should download and install extensions such as Search by Image, Reverse Image Search, and Huntress Reverse Image Search. All of these extensions provide Chrome the ability to search for images on Google Images.

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The search giant hasn’t commented on the shift, but it’s logical to suppose Google is doubling down on the doctrine of Google Lens with another push for consumers to use it instead of the older version.

Furthermore, the Lens option may provide more context for what you’re looking for. In the end, we’ll have to wait and see if users approve of the change.

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